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Insanity In Australia

They murdered Heather Glendinning and her two daughters. Look it up. Just before my appeal when I was fighting them tooth and nail late 2011 - they had BEGGED me to be quiet. That of course just urged me right on.

They murdered "Eddie" a Syrian Christian burnt to death in his office here in Perth in 2010. My best friend was his best man at his wedding. He was an accountant doing business with the Jewish community.

They murdered my sister at the same time - "stroke". Three major bleeds - indicative of poisen. At the age of 42. They said they would get my family with heart attack and stroke.

They murdered a major supporters brother in an office fire in Chicago in mid 2009.

They tried to kill the owner of a business - Lasermail - who employed me in March of 2010. Knocked him off his bike 5 hours after I got the job. Lasermail distributes the Jewish Maccabean Paper and Freemason Paper.

They utterly harassed and TERRORISED a close female friend in the United States. Killed her cats, chickens and tasered her dogs and goats and cattle. They terrorised her at her work. Stalked her constantly. We had our communications constantly messed with at the HIGHEST level. I defy even Kay Griggs to have had as much done to her.

They murdered lawyer Loyd Rainey's wife Corryn Rainey. They murdered 4 women here - known as "The Claremont Killer". They were ritually sacrificed and tortured. The last three were done RIGHT UNDER THE NOSE of the W.A police at the height of their investigation. Who could do that? C-O-P-P-E-R-S. Ask Inspector Steve Jancec about it maybe?

Press Conference - Formation of a state - 24 Aug 2014 / The Donetsk National Republic

Subtitles in english, french, german
Transcription/Translation/Timecoding: Marina
English proofreading and editing: Erebus,Michael and Vaughan
Editing and Publishing: Augmented Ether
French Translation & Editing: Jean-Jacques
German Translation & Editing : Dagmar

This is a thorough press conference by Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic. It touches upon a few key points regarding the war, its origins and what and whom Kiev is fighting.

The possibility of Federalization is also discarded as irrelevant as that ship had certainly sailed. This is a fight for independence now.

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Tapa itsesi tai eroa!

” Tapan itseni mieluimmin kuin joudun vanhainkotiin Suomessa. Kun aika tulee, tämä teko on kunnioitus elämää kohtaan. Kuolema on parempi kuin elämän loppuvuodet suomalaisessa vanhustenhoidossa.”

Tämä kiteyttää koko karmeuden muutamaan lauseeseen. Se saa itkemään. Tähän on Suomessa tultu.

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Anti Defamation League Part 1-4

Anti Defamation League Part 1 of 4

Anti Defamation League Part 1 of 4

Postby dogman » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:53 pm
This report was first published in 1992, entitled "The Ugly Truth About the ADL". It has taken CAJI this long to duplicate the research and verify that every single fact in here is absolutely, 100% correct and true.
The fact that none of the people, nor the ADL, has ever sued the "Executive Intelligence Review" over this information further substantiates the value and the truthfulness of this report.
And folks, it is baloney. Someday you will all wake up to that fact.
Gangsters and traitors from the start, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL had been founded shortly after the turn of the century as a Jewish defence arm of the B'nai B'rith--at least that's what the Jews were told--the nominally Jewish secret society which is sponsored and controlled, in all actuality, by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and by some of the leading British and American families who are not Jewish at all, but subscribe to the British Israelite philosophy.
B'nai B'rith Washington, D.C. representative, Simon Wolf--the man whom Lincoln's Secret Service Chief, Lafayette C. Baker, had arrested as a Confederate spy and Union blockade runner during the Civil War--was now working closely with President Theodore Roosevelt in mobilizing Jewish American support for the overthrow of the Russian Czar.
According to Wolf's 1918 autobiography, he had met secretly with President Roosevelt in his Sagamore Hills estate in New York, and had launched an international drive to brand the Czarist regime as, quote "anti-semitic", end quote.
They've done the same thing to me, ladies and gentlemen, as you all know.
After a series of meetings and correspondence with Russia's Prime Minster, Count Sergei Witt --arranged by Roosevelt--Wolf had denounced the Russian regime for reneging on its promises to curb anti-Jewish pogroms--after which American Jewish organizations, led from behind the scenes by the B'nai B'rith, began funneling guns to the anti-Czarist insurrectionists.
Thus, B'nai B'rith played an active role in the Russian Revolution of 1905. This activity, ladies and gentlemen, would lead to widespread allegations that prominent American Jews were pro-Bolshevik.
The Warburg family of Kuhn-Loeb and Company did, in fact, fund V. I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky.
And father and son Bolshevik agents, Julius and Armand Hammer, who helped found the United States Communist Party, did actively spread the Bolshevik cause in America, and spent a decade in the Soviet Union following the 1917 Revolution.
These allegations of pro-Communist sentiments, while grounded in well-publicized and scandalous actions by prominent Jewish families, actually missed the mark.
In fact, ladies and gentlemen, the plot to bring down the Czar and install the Bolsheviks in power in Russia served long-standing British Imperial and geo-political interests of the sort advanced by the Scottish Rite and the Illuminati.
Britain, in fact, feared the development of a Eurasian alliance among France, Germany, Russia, Japan and China, based on economic cooperation and facilitated by the building of a transcontinental system of railroads linking the east to the west. Such a transcontinental railroad system would render Britain's domination over the seas relatively unimportant.
B'nai B'rith joined in the effort to sink the Czar for the same reasons the Order joined in the Confederates secessionist plot to destroy the Union 40 years earlier--because B'nai B'rith was an arm of the Illuminati Freemasonic treason, and still is.
In fact, one of the most compelling reasons for the hatred of Russia was the role played by Czar Alexander II in coming to the aid of Abraham Lincoln during the darkest days of the United States Civil War.
In 1863, Czar Alexander dispatched the powerful Russian Navy to the United States ports of New York and San Francisco, and threatened to go to war against Britain if the Crown joined the war on the side of the Confederacy.
This probably--this probably, without any public recognition whatsoever--is what eventually enabled the North to win the war, for Britain stayed out. They didn't want to stay out. They were forced to.
At the same time, the so-called Jewish Bolshevik ties were being targeted, frequently by people with actual anti-semitic biases. Diligent local police around the United States were becoming legitimately alarmed at the growing crime problem.
New York City Police Commissioner, Theodore A. Bingham, in September 1908, penned an article for the prestigious "North American Review", titled "Foreign Criminals in New York". The article detailed the rise of gambling, prostitution, and drugs on New York's Lower East Side, emphasizing the role of Jewish, Italian, and Irish immigrant gangsters in that crime explosion.
Bingham was not alone in his concern about the rise of gangsterism in the Jewish communities of the metropolitan New York area and beyond.
You see, in April 1910, the leading Jewish families of the United States, Germany, France, and Great Britain sent delegates to a Jewish International Convention on the Suppression of the Traffic in Girls and Women in London. Key-note speaker, Arthur R. Morrow, delivered an alarming report on the involvement of Jewish gangsters in the world-wide white slave trade and in big-time prostitution.
Now, for those of you who believe that this is all being brought about by the Jews, remember, these were the leading families--the leading Jewish families--of the United States, Germany, France, and Great Britain--who sent delegates to a Jewish international convention and brought the spotlight to this illegal and criminal traffic in girls and women. They were not guilty of participation. They, in fact, wanted it stopped. Quote:
"I wish I had time to tell you all I know, which goes to show that the traffic of Jewesses is almost world-wide; but I must restrict myself to a few incidents to prove that an extensive traffic does exist.
"In 1901, a rabbi came from the Transvaal and told me that the amount of Jewish prostitution and traffic in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Larinko, Marksberia, and Salisbury are appalling.
"In later years, the same story came from another rabbi regarding Capetown.
"In 1903, a Jewish school master, who had spent some time in Egypt, said that the traffic by Jews of Jewesses to Alexandria, Cairo, and Port Said was an absolute scandal. There were Greek, Italian, and French prostitutes, but they were far out-numbered by the Jewesses.
"We have received and have correspondence to show that this awful condition of affairs exists in Calcutta to a large extent, and also all along the free ports of China.
"From the Chief Rabbi of Constantinople, from a distinguished Jewish American scholar, from a prominent London gentleman, and from a school mistress in Colatta, we have had letters during the past six months describing an outrageous condition of affairs in Constantinople, where traffic in prostitutes is carried out openly and shamelessly, and where the traffickers have their own synagogue. They say things in Damascus are even worse."
End quote. Already, in 1909, the leading--quote "Our Crowd", end quote--families of New York had established their own bureau of social morals, headed by Rabbi Judah P. Magnis.
The bureau hired private detective Abe Shoenfeld, an investigator for John D. Rockefeller, Jr., to infiltrate and profile the organized crime structure centered on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Shoenfeld's mission was hardly that of crime buster, folks. In 1922, Rabbi Magnis took those voluminous files with him when he moved to Jerusalem and founded the Hebrew University. To this day, the genealogy chart of organized crime remains a part of the University's most closely guarded archives.
It was during this same period of mounting concern over the exposure of Jewish surnamed gangsters that the Anti-Defamation League was founded--not to protect the Jewish people, but to protect the Jewish criminal element.
One of the very first targets of the ADL was New York Police Commissioner Bingham, whom the ADL smeared as an anti-semite for his efforts to quell organized crime on the Lower East Side.
Bingham's crime fighting efforts were by no means targeted exclusively against Jewish gangsters. His Chief Detective, Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino, was assassinated in March 1909 in Sicily while meeting with Italian police to establish cooperation, and probing links between criminal elements and anarchist networks operating in both the United States and Italy.
In 1901, Petrosino had warned the Secret Service about an imminent assassination attempt against President William McKinley. Petrosino had learned of the plot by infiltrating his agents into the Henry Street Settlement House in New York, a hot bed of British Fabian Society and international anarchist activity.
The Secret Service ignored his warnings, and McKinley was assassinated months later, leaving British agent and B'nai B'rith ally, Teddy Roosevelt, to assume the Presidency.
The nascent ADL, still formally called the "Publicity Committee of the B'nai B'rith", had assailed Bingham's crime fighting efforts for maligning Jews, and eventually succeeded in having him ousted as Police Commissioner.
Now, remember, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL is not an arm of the Jewish community; but is an arm of a secret society, a branch of the Illuminati, known as B'nai B'rith, which is controlled by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
Organized crime got a big boost as a result. What's more, the effort to establish the links between organized crime, international anarchist circles, and perhaps the Scottish Rite and B'nai B'rith secret societies, was stillborn.
The man who founded and headed up the ADL for its first 30 years was Sigmund Livingston, a prominent Chicago attorney, who had headed up the powerful B'nai B'rith Midwest Lodge No. 6. Livingston was the lawyer for the Chicago and Alton Railways, a company owned by William Moore of the prominent Episcopalian family.
>From the 1890s, the Moore family had forged a business alliance with the J. P. Morgan banking interests. The Moores, with Morgan financing, founded the National Biscuit Company--now R.J.R. Nabisco--and United States Steel Corporation.
Within two generations, members of the Moore family would also control Bankers Trust Company and sit on the board of the International Business Machines Corporation that you know as IBM.
The Moore family sponsorship of Livingston, ADL Chairman from 1913 to 1945, was a reflection of the underlying relationship between the leading WASP Freemasonic families and the ADL that continues through to the present. The Moore's family Nabisco and United States Steel are on record today as major financial backers of the Anti-Defamation League.
Ironically, Bishop Paul Moore, of the same Moore family, served for years as the Episcopal Bishop of New York. Based at the Cathedral of St. John Divine, he was the superior to Cannon Edward West.
Now, remember folks, what I've told you about the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in the Mystery School series.
Cannon West's promise to get his Jewish friends to take care of Lyndon LaRouche provided crucial evidence that the real power behind the ADL and its organized crime confederates is the Scottish Rite.
With the ADL's successful drive to oust New York Police Commissioner Bingham, organized crime began to spread its tentacles out into New York City and across the country.
By the onset of Prohibition in 1920, the undisputed chief of the New York rackets was Arnold Rothstein, the son of a prominent garment manufacturer and a junior member of the elite "Our Crowd".
Many of the "Our Crowd" families, like the Lehmans, had come to New York from the South in the post-Civil War period. They were transplanted Confederates, who capitalized on the power of the British Rothschild family's Wall Street representative, August Belmont, to quickly establish themselves among the city's leading bankers and stock brokers.
They had participated in the unsuccessful Confederate secessionist plot against the Union. Now, they would take a leading role in the British effort to direct a new opium war against the American people.
Rothstein, ladies and gentlemen, operated a gambling and prostitution syndicate out of the Metropol Hotel in midtown Manhattan, far from the teaming ethnic ghetto of the Lower East Side.
He ran the unofficial Gambling Commission for Tamanny Hall boss Timothy Sullivan. He hobnobbed with some of the country's wealthiest, legitimate businessmen, like Julius Fleischmann, the yeast manufacturer; Joseph Seagram, the Canadian distiller; Harry Sinclair, of the Sinclair Oil Company; and Percival H. Hill, head of the American Tobacco Company.
In 1919, Rothstein engineered the fixing of the baseball World Series on behalf of his gambling cronies in what became known as the "Chicago Black Sox Scandal".
At the behest of Lower East Side gangster, Irving Wexler--also known as Waxy Gordon--and Detroit mobster, Max Greenberg, Rothstein put up the initial $175,000 to establish the first bootlegging operations of the Prohibition Era, servicing the midwest and the east coast with British whisky transported across the Atlantic. Rum-running ships, owned by Rothstein and his partners, would smuggle the British whisky from Long Island Sound into the U.S.
Rothstein's British contacts included Winston Churchill who, at the time, headed the Royal Commission in Charge of Liquor.
In 1921, Rothstein also opened up a British pipeline for smuggling heroin into the United States via his business agent in China, Jacob Katzenberg.
Katzenberg hooked up with the British opium cartel, then headed by Lord Keswick of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and the Jardin and Matheson Trading Company, and arranged the transit of the illegal drugs through Marseilles into New York City.
The route, later known as "The French Connection", would remain the primary pipeline of heroin into America up through the 1960s.
The period of Prohibition, folks, marked the syndication of organized crime. It also marked the emergence of illegal money as a major source of investment capital and so-called legitimate business.
As the proceeds of the billions of dollars in illegal whisky and dope sales were funneled into such lucrative, straight investments as the Hollywood motion picture and music industries, the Nevada gambling casinos--Nevada conveniently legalized casino gambling just as Prohibition was coming to an end--and post-Prohibition legal alcohol distilleries, the ADL was on hand to directly reap the benefits.
In 1929, ladies and gentlemen, one of Meyer Lansky's New York City crime lieutenants, Frank Erikson, founded the Sterling National Bank.
Erikson was a specialist in money laundering. After Lansky replaced Arnold Rothstein--for he was assassinated in 1926--as the chairman of the board of the national crime syndicate, Erikson had been put in charge of the nation-wide bookkeeping operations. Erikson handled Lansky's hidden interests in gambling casinos, race tracks, and other businesses around the country.
Sterling National Bank served as the mob's factor bank in the New York City garment center, doling out high-interest/short-term loans to thousands of small clothing manufacturers to purchase their raw materials. The loans were collateralized by the garment firm's accounts receivable.
On paper, it was a benign, barely legal, form of loan-sharking. The victims were Jews.
In practice, it was the syndicates foot in the door for taking over the entire garment industry through violence and intimidation. Again, the victims were Jews.
Erikson's relationship with Lansky gave Sterling virtually unchallenged control over the garment center.
In 1934, Theodore H. Silbert went to work for Sterling National Bank. Within a decade of his arrival, Silbert was the bank's Chairman, President, and CEO--posts he would retain up until his death in early 1992.
You see, Silbert was the ADL's man-on-the-scene. He would serve as the ADL's National Commissioner, Treasurer, and Chief Fund-Raiser. The ADL established its bank accounts at Sterling National, and according to IRS records, invested in bank stock.
The only other outside investment into which the ADL would ever put its own money would be the American Bank and Trust Company, another New York City bank, which listed ADL National Commissioner and B'nai B'rith International President, Philip Klutznick, as a Director.
ABT would go under when shady Mossad financier Davy Gravier made off with all the bank's deposits, and then ostensibly died in a mysterious airplane crash over Mexico.
Gravier's so-called death was so suspect that New York State listed him as a co-conspirator in the ABT bank fraud investigation for years. For, you see, they didn't then, and they don't believe now, that he really died in that plane crash.
Although Silbert's emergence as the leading figure at Sterling National was part of a campaign to cleanse the bank's public image by replacing a known gangster with a philanthropist and civic-minded banker, Sterling continued to be entangled in shady financial dealings--sometimes leading to high-visibility civil suits.
The most explosive of these scandals hit in January 1982 when the Italian government filed suit in United States District Court in New York City against Sterling, charging it with constructive trust conspiracy to defraud, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty. The case, ladies and gentlemen, revolved around Italian banker, Michel Sindona's looting of $27 million from the Banca Privata in 1973 to '74.
The theft had repercussions across the Atlantic as well. The Franklin National Bank on Long Island, New York, went bust as the result of Sindona's involvement. Sterling National Bank was one of the laundromats through which Sindona washed the stolen cash.
Not surprisingly, Sindona would later be exposed as a pivotal figure in the Propaganda 2 Freemasonic Lodge--a secret Italian branch of the Scottish Rite with strong ties to the Mafia.
Its antecedent, the nineteenth century Propaganda 1 Lodge, had been founded by Giuseppi Mazzini, the founder of the Sicilian mafia, as a branch of the European Illuminati, a leading member of the first Communist Internationale, and an agent of Britain's Lord Palmerston, the Grand Master of the Scottish Rite.
Giuseppi Mazzini was in close communication with the Confederate General, Albert Pike, who was the head of the Illuminati in the United States.
Some things, folks, just never, ever change.
The ADL's shady links to Sterling National Bank went beyond Theodore Silbert.
Another long-time Director of the bank and ADL man, Maxwell Robb, was a business partner of Meyer Lansky in a company called the International Airport Hotel Corporation.
The Vice Chairman of the powerful New York State ADL, Robb weathered the airing of his Lansky links, and went on to be the United States Ambassador to Italy during the Reagan Administration.
Talk about putting the fox in the henhouse!
Arnold Burns was another ADL asset on the Board of Sterling. Burns' law firm, Burns & Summit, got caught up in a tax evasion scheme in the early 1980s that almost landed both partners in jail.
Under a loophole in the federal tax codes written into law--thanks to the Zionist lobby in the United States Congress--American investors in Israel research and development firms could claim their investments as tax write-offs, but nobody else could investing in the same type of business in other countries and in the United States.
Arnold Burns set up a string of tax shelters in the Bahamas ostensibly to fund these Israeli research and development projects. However, the money--minus a hefty fee to Burns & Summit--never, ever reached Israel. It was laundered right back into the United States where it could be used by its own owners, tax-free. And when the scheme became the subject of a federal grand jury in New York, Burns pointed a finger at some of his cohorts and walked away, completely unscathed.
A few months later, Arnold Burns was named Deputy Attorney General of the United States, a post he held throughout most of the Reagan Era--Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America.
Burns's name had been placed before Ronald Reagan by John J. McCloy, a power-house in the New York City White Anglo Saxon Protestant establishment, a leading Anglophile, British Israelist, ex-head of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the former Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank.
Nor is Sterling National Bank the only ADL bank implicated in the dope trade and organized crime.
Leonard Abbess of Miami, Florida is another honorary National Chairman of the ADL. He's the Chairman of City National Bank of Miami, one of many Florida banks caught laundering big-time drug money.
A top aide to Abbess at City National, Alberto Duke, was jailed in the late 1980s for laundering dope dollars.
Another senior bank official, Donald Beasley, was hired by Abbess on the basis of his former work for the Nugen Hand Bank in Australia.
And if you've read my book, you know all about Nugen Hand Bank and the Central Intelligence Agency, and the laundering of drug money.
Nugen Hand went bust in the mid-1980s when one of its founders, Frank Nugen, was found dead in his car, the victim of what police labelled a suicide.
And the other partner, former Green Beret and CIA agent, Michael Hand, a veteran of Delta Force, disappeared into thin air with $26 million in bank assets.
Nugen Hand had been set up during the final days of the Vietnam War by ex-Central Intelligence Agency and Pentagon officers, including Ted Shackley , to launder black-market profits and do shady intelligence operations throughout Asia.
The 1985 Mo Delitz Award Dinner was a kind of coming-out party for the ADL's friends in the national crime syndicate. It was, ladies and gentlemen, by no means the first time the League publicly flaunted its deep ties to the gangster world.
You see, in 1963, as part of an effort to vastly expand its fund-raising reach, the ADL appointed Hollywood producer Dore Shary as its National Chairman.
At the time, Shary was the reigning superstar at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Among the Hollywood insiders, however, Shary was known as a life-long pal of syndicate higher-up, Abner Longey Zwilmann <sp?> of New Jersey.
Zwilmann was one of the first of the Prohibition Era bootleggers and Lansky aids to get involved in the Hollywood motion picture industry.
An original member of Murder, Incorporated, and the head of the powerful Reinfeld bootlegging syndicate in New Jersey, Zwilmann expanded into labor racketeering during the waning days of Prohibition.
By 1930, he had seized control over the Screen Operators Union up and down the east coast and parlayed that into shares in some of the big Hollywood studios.
And you don't think there's any mind control in America?
At this time, Dore Shary ran an amateur drama group at the YMHA in Newark, New Jersey. Childhood friend, Zwilmann, sent Shary out to the west coast and installed him at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer--MGM.
When Zwilmann got into trouble with the IRS in the late 1950s, some of his syndicate associates became convinced that he might betray some of the mob's most closely held financial secrets. And on February 27th, 1959, he was found hanging from a pipe in the basement of his 20-room West Orange, New Jersey mansion.
According to Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, Shary attended the funeral. In the FBI memo citing Shary's appearance at the Zwilmann funeral, the Bureau delivered a kind of eulogy to the mobster. Citing an article from the "New York World Telegram", the FBI memo read, quote:
"Nobody followed so successfully for so long the approved underworld formula for success: from rags to rackets, to riches, to respectability."
End quote. And folks, if the rags-to-respectability formula were to be applied to organizations, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith would be first on the list of success stories.
For the past two decades, Wall Street lawyer, Kenneth Bailken, has been Mr. ADL. A long-standing member of the League's National Executive Committee, Bailken served from 1982 through 1986 as the League's National Chairman.
It was on his watch that gangster Mo Delitz got the ADL's prestigious "Torch of Liberty" prize; that junk bond swindler, Michael Milken, poured millions of dollars into the launching of the League's "A World of Difference" propaganda campaign to wreck American public education; and that accused drug money launderer, Edmond Saffra, got Bailken and the ADL to mediate a corporate divorce between his banking empire and the American Express Company.
In return for Bailken's effort to salvage Saffra's badly tarnished reputation, the ADL received a $1 million tax-exempt pay-off from him.
But Bailken's real claim to fame, folks, is that he was a central figure in the doping, the drugging of America. Without Kenneth Bailken's behind-the-scenes legal maneuvering, the Medellin Cartel would have had a far more difficult time establishing a beach-head in the United States.
In much the same way Bailken quieted the potentially stormy divorce between Edmond Saffra and American Express, he brokered the marriage between renegade financier, Robert Vesco, and the Medellin Cartel's Chief of Logistics, Carlos Ledder Rivas.
As a result, the dope smuggling routes through the Caribbean into the United States were consolidated, and the streets of America were flooded during the 1980s with marijuana and cocaine.
Now, this sordid story began in 1970 when Kenneth Bailken, the senior partner at the Wall Street law firm of Wilkie, Farr and Gallagher, helped engineer Robert Vesco's take-over the Investors Overseas Service, a Swiss-based mutual fund that was founded by Bernie Cornfield, with start-up funding from the Swiss-French branch of the Rothschild family.
IOS was a front for Meyer Lansky's international crime syndicate. IOS salesmen traveled the globe carrying suitcases full of cash, across international borders.
Some of the money came from local investors, but the bulk of it was hot money gained from the Lansky syndicate's dope, gambling, prostitution, and extortion rackets.
Now, if this method of money laundering was labor-intensive and primitive compared to today's high-speed electronic wire transfers, it was nevertheless efficient. The cash eventually ended up in numbered accounts at some of Switzerland's most corrupt and secretive banks.
Some of the banks, ladies and gentlemen, linked to the IOS apparatus--like the Geneva-based International Credit Bank (or BCI) and the Nassau/Bahamas-based Bank of World Commerce--were flagrant fronts for the Lansky syndicate.
While BCI was owned by a senior officer of the Israeli Mossad, named Tybor Rosenbaum, BCI's office manager, Sylvian Ferdmond, was identified by "Life" magazine in 1967 as one of Lansky's top bag men. And World Commerce Director, Alvin Malnick, was Lansky's accountant.
When Lansky and his controllers decided to shift the center of their underground banking operations from Switzerland to the Caribbean as part of the planned expansion of cocaine and marijuana smuggling into the United States--with the cooperation and the help of the intelligence community and the military--it was the ADL and Bailken that engineered the move.
First, the ADL's Minneapolis, Minnesota apparatus--known inside the League as the "Minneapolis Mafia" which ran the notorious "Kid-Can"--or Isodore Bloomenfeld organized crime ring--provided the money for a local Hebrew school teacher-turned-business-entrepreneur named Meschelam Rickless to buy up a large block of shares of IOS stock.
Once Rickless had amassed enough stock to control the company, he turned around and sold all his shares to Vesco.
Vesco was represented in the transaction by Kenneth Bailken.
You see, the circle is now complete.
Vesco's next step was to oust Bernie Cornfield as the President of IOS and take over the job himself.
Over the next several years, ladies and gentlemen, a total of $270 million was siphoned out of IOS accounts in Switzerland. Officially, the money was never found; and Robert Vesco conveniently fled the United States--one step ahead of the FBI and the IRS. The Cornfield-to-Rickless-to-Vesco transaction may have been largely a wash of Lansky syndicate dollars.
>From Prohibition onward, the Minneapolis Kid-Can Gang had been handlers of Lansky money. Kid-Can eventually moved to the Miami area, and was a key player in Lansky's big-time move into southern Florida Gold Coast real estate.
However, folks, not all of the money siphoned out of IOS by Vesco was family cash. A lawsuit was brought in U.S. District Court in New York City in 1980 by some of the independent investors who had lost their shirts in the looting of IOS.
While not revealing the whereabouts of the missing millions, the civil suit identified Bailken and the Bank of New York as partners of the fugitive financier in the scheme.
On July 31, 1980, Federal Judge D. J. Stewart ordered Wilkie, Farr and Gallagher to pay $24.5 million to a group of IOS investors, and ordered the Bank of New York to pay $35.6 million.
The case file, which fills 20 cartons, stored at the Federal District Court Warehouse in Bayonne, New Jersey, shows that Bailken was the evil genius behind the entire looting scheme.
A year before the court ordered Wilkie, Farr and the Bank of New York to pay-up for their role in the looting of IOS, some of that money had been used by Vesco to purchase Norman's Cay in the Bahamas. Vesco's partner in the deal was Carlos Ledder Rivas, a small-time Colombian car thief and marijuana smuggler who had recently gotten out of jail in Florida.
Ledder, an unabashed supporter of Adolf Hitler, who would later use some of his smuggling profits to found a neo-Nazi, radical, environmentalist political party in Columbia, fit neatly into the ADL scheme with his family ties back in Colombia to leading figures in the then-emerging Medellin Cartel.
By 1980, the Vesco-Ledder owned Norman's Cay was serving as the command center and trans-shipment depot for a massive marijuana and cocaine trafficking operation--protected by the intelligence community--from Medellin into the United States.
For several years, while running the Norman's Cay operation, Vesco skipped from the Bahamas to Costa Rica to Nicaragua, buying up local politicians and newspaper editors, and always miraculously staying one step ahead of an FBI that never really seemed intent upon capturing the fugitive money-man.
In fact, it was just a show.
On one occasion on Antigua, Vesco was hosting a lavish party on a boat that he had bought from Saudi financier, Adnan Kashoggi-isn't is funny how the same names always crop up in all of these investigations--while the FBI agents were combing the island looking for this illusive fugitive.
And they use this branding of "anti-semitic", "anti-semitism", to control the Jews, and to keep you in your place.
You see, you will learn, later in this series, that when the ADL needs to rally the Jewish community around a cause, it is sometimes Jews (or the ADL itself) that paints the swastika on Jewish synagogues and on the gravestones in Jewish cemeteries.
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Re: ADL Part 2

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In the summer of 1989, the entire world was reeling in shock and horror over the discovery of a Satanic burial ground on a ranch in Matamoros, Mexico. Dozens of mutilated, cannibalized corpses were discovered.
The grisly details of the kidnapping and human sacrifice of one of the cult's victims--Texas college student, Mark Kilroy--prompted Texas State legislators to draft a law stiffening the penalties for Satanic, ritualistic crimes, and making it a criminal offense to conduct certain occult rituals. The Governor of Texas convened a Special Session of the legislature to get the bill passed.
But, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL--the Anti-Defamation League--while peddling bills all across the country that would make it a crime just to think anti-semitic thoughts--launched an all-out effort to defeat the Texas crack-down on Satanic crimes, branding the bill "anti-semitic".
Now, if it was true that the bill was "anti-semitic", it would be an admission by the ADL that "semitic" means "Satanic". However, that's not true, as you will see. "Semitic" does not mean "Satanic". However, that's what this reaction by the ADL would imply.
In its jaded logic, the ADL claimed that, technically, the bill made it illegal for rabbis to perform circumcisions on infants. Nothing could have been further from the truth, for not only do Jews practice circumcision upon infants, but most doctors recommend it to all male-born babies in almost every hospital in the country as a hygienic measure.
The vast majority of the Jewish community in Texas, including many leading Rabbis, refused to buy into the ADL's twisted interpretation, and supported the bill as they should have as good citizens of the state--which most Jewish people are.
Some people began to smell a rat, and they were right.
Not only has the ADL been an integral part of the organized crime structure that has wrecked America's youth through the peddling of drugs, but as a pivotal institution within the Scottish Rite Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction, the ADL has been a part of the century-old effort to paganize America under a variety of labels: secular humanism, new religions, and most recently--the New Age.
Not surprisingly, as investigators probed the higher levels of the New Age Plot, they found that the New York City Cathedral of St. John the Divine--the headquarters of ADL patrons Bishop Paul Moore and Cannon Edward West, was at the very center of the paganization effort.
This is the same Cathedral that George Bush used to attend.
While nominally part of the Anglican Protestant Episcopal persuasion, the Cathedral is actually the underground headquarters of the Luciferian Movement in America.
Since 1948, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL has devoted over one-third of its legal efforts to support activity that may rightfully be called "the Plot to Kill God".
You see, the ADL has filed dozens of amicus curiae--friends of the court briefs--in legal cases often settled by the United States Supreme Courts, whose results have included:
banning school prayer; banning released time for religious instruction; banning Christmas carols and spirituals; banning celebration of Judeo-Christian holidays...
Now, do you understand that? Not just Christian, but Judeo-Christian, Jewish.
...and most recently:
banning the Bible as unfit for the classroom--the first five books of which are the Jewish Torah; causing federal, state, and local governments to be neutral on religious issues;
as well as:
compelling them to cease participation in any display of art associated with the Christian religion, whether during a religious holiday season or other time; and
banning prayers in court rooms, together with religious oaths for courts and government officials.
While the ADL has concentrated upon uprooting the traditions of western Christian civilization from public life--in effect, by throwing Christianity out the front door of schools--it has not ever protested as New Age religion has been ushered in the back door, now to permeate society. They don't say a word about that.
In fact, while condemning any manifestation of Christianity at every turn, the ADL has used First Amendment arguments in court and elsewhere to defend witchcraft--witchcraft--and peyote (an hallucinogen derived from a type of a cactus) cults.
The ADL has not acted alone, ladies and gentlemen, in this drive to paganize America. It has enjoyed the assistance of some friends in very, very high places. And don't forget that the ADL is just an arm of B'nai B'rith, which is controlled by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
Some of these friends in high places include the highest court in the land. It began in earnest on February 10th, 1947 when Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black rendered the majority opinion in the case of "Everson v. Board of Education".
Black, ladies and gentlemen, who was a life-long member of the Ku Klux Klan, and was a 33rd Degree Freemason of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, enshrined the following phrase, and I quote:
"In the words of Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect a wall of separation between church and state."
End quote. During the period of time when the attention of the Court seemed to focus on religious clause cases (roughly 1949 to 1956), seven members of the Craft--that's Freemasonry--served on the Court, along with a former Freemason, Justice Sherman Minton.
Freemasons continued to dominate the Court while most of the decisions to uproot Christianity were made until 1971.
The Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry to which the preponderance of Supreme Court Justices belonged from the period of 1939 to 1971 is the self-described "New Age Jurisdiction".
And that was THEIR term, ladies and gentlemen, not mine and not the editors of the "Executive Intelligence Review". That's what they called themselves.
Not coincidentally, the magazine, the publication of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite was entitled, "The New Age".
As Paul A. Fischer aptly demonstrates in his book entitled, "Behind the Lodge Door", the original intent of the religious establishment clause by the Founding Fathers, who shaped this Constitutional instrument, was to guard against the state establishing a theocracy of the Roman cult variety that would persecute those practicing the tenets of western Christian civilization upon which the Republic had been founded.
Yet, through Justice Black's "wall decision" in "Everson", and hundreds of subsequent federal, state, and local rulings, a Manichaean religious cult is on the verge of establishing a New Age theocracy in the United States today.
The Founding Fathers, ladies and gentlemen, whatever problems may have existed with their religion in that regard, they believed that each individual had been created in "Imago Viva Dia"--in the living image of God--with a divine spark of reason which they expressed in the principle that all men are created equal under God.
The fallacy of the "wall of separation" cult dogma is shown by the Northwest Ordinance, passed in 1787 and re-adopted in 1789, which provided, ladies and gentlemen, that:
"...religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged."
And in his Farewell Address to the nation in 1796, President George Washington declared that, quote:
"Religion and morality are indispensable supports for political prosperity."
End quote. And he warned that we could not expect, quote:
"...that national morality can prevail in the exclusion of religious principle."
End quote. For it is a fact: without religion, there are no morals.
Undoubtedly, Justice Hugo Black's Masonically-dominated Court would have found these sentiments to be unconstitutional. As Justice Black's son said of him, he was a man who, quote:
"...could not whip himself up to a belief in God, or the divinity of Christ, life after death, or heaven or hell."
End quote. When he first ran for the United States Senate, public condemnation compelled Black on July 9th, 1925 to, quote:
"...retire from the Robert E. Lee Klan No. 1. But he closed his letter of resignation to the Kligrap..."
--that's the secretary in the Ku Klux Klan--
"...'Yours in the sacred, unbreakable bond.'"
End quote. And this man was sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
Having won election, Black participated in a secret Klan ceremony witnessed by investigative reporter, Ray Spriggel, on September 2nd, 1926, where Senator Black was welcomed back to the Klan with a Grand Passport of Life Membership at the Birmingham, Alabama State Klan Meeting.
At the ceremony, Black swore never to divulge, even under threat of death, the secrets of the Invisible Empire. And he said, quote:
"I swear I will most zealously and valiantly shield and preserve, by any and all justifiable means and methods, white supremacy. All to which I have sworn by this oath, I will seal with my blood. Be thou my witness, Almighty God. Amen."
End quote. Ironically, ladies and gentlemen, although Spriggel's truthful articles were carried in all the major papers, it was the two flagship journals of American liberalism, "The Nation" and "The New Republic", that chose to believe Black's denials that he was a Klan member in the 1920s in a scandal that continued after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed Senator Black to the Supreme Court in 1937. And since then it has been proven.
The ADL, ladies and gentlemen, has been among the strongest upholders of life-long Ku Klux Klan member and Mason Justice Hugo Black's "wall of separation" decision, beginning a year after the 1947 "Everson" opinion containing this new language.
A history of that involvement can be found in the ADL's pamphlet called, "Friend of the Court 1947-1982: To Secure Justice and Fair Treatment For All", by Jill Donney Snyder and Eric K. Goodman.
In the chapter titled, "Separation of Church and State" we find the following, and I quote:
"Since 1948, ADL has filed amicus briefs in practically every major church-state case, consistently arguing for a strict interpretation of the establishment clause.
"ADL continues to work for a strict separation of church and state, a commitment that dates back to the League's first involvement in an establishment clause dispute, 'McCollum v. Board of Education'.
"In the Everson opinion, the Court emphasized in strong language the parameters of the establishment clause.
"ADL stands firmly committed to a strict separation between church and state. The'wall of separation' must be fortified and strengthened so that the religious freedom dreamed of by Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers may endure now and forever an example to the world."
End quote. Among the actions in which the ADL has been the historic friend of a Masonically-dominated Court, and of KKK-er Justice Black's "wall" re-interpretation of the establishment clause are:
1. "Released Time" -- From the 1948 McCollum case until the present day, the ADL has fought released time from schools which gives a release for students to participate in religious education.
One of the most recent cases was "Doe v. Hewman" which was affirmed when the Supreme Court refused to hear it, and in which the ADL had filed an amicus brief.
It resulted in the school system of Gravette, Arkansas having to end the practice of released time for religious instruction in the schools on a voluntary basis requiring parental approval.
In its pamphlet, "ADL and the Courts: Litigation Docket 1991", the ADL states that this story-time program in Gravette, quote:
"...presents at least two inescapable infringements on the establishment clause: impermissible inclusion of religion in the public schools; and forbidden state indoctrination of a particular faith."
End quote. Paul D. Hewman, the Superintendent of Schools in Gravette, told a reporter for "Executive Intelligence Review", quote:
"By such cases the stage is being set for a one-world religion. Kids are being brainwashed to death by the New Age religions and it has become harder and harder to take a Christian stand. There is no question but that the real agenda of groups like the ADL is to usher in the New Age. The more the New Age is brought in, the lesser the boundaries on moral action. 'If it's right for you, it's right' is the guideline of the New Age. Moral principles are thrown out the window."
2. "Parochial Aid" -- The question of public aid for parochial schools was the centerpiece of the "Everson" decision written by Justice Hugo Black, and there have been dozens of parochial aid suits since then.
For over 30 years, one of the ADL's strongest allies in such cases has been Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
According to the Managing Editor of the "Scottish Rite Journal", Dr. John W. Boettcher: Sovereign Grand Commander C. Fred Kleinnect relied heavily upon the staff of Americans United for Separation of Church and State to write his "Call to Arms" in the November 1991 issue, defending Jefferson's "wall of separation" which Kleinnect calls the cornerstone of the Constitution.
Now, remember, this is the chief high muckety-muck of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction of Freemasonry.
Boettcher is himself a member of the National Advisory Council of Americans United Against Church and State that has worked closely with the ADL.
Another collaborator of Americans United is Greg Ivers, who wrote the recent ADL "Call to Arms" which parallels that of Supreme Commander Kleinnect, titled, "Lowering the Wall: Religion in the Supreme Court in the 1980s".
The full import, ladies and gentlemen, of Justice Black's membership in the Southern Jurisdiction New Age Religious Cult--and that's exactly what it is,--the New Age Religious Cult emerges in a letter that 33rd Degree Mason and Grand Prior of the Supreme Council Scottish Rite McIlyer H. Lictleider wrote to Justice Harold Burton two years after "Everson". The letter described Lictleider's pilgrimage to the tomb of Jacques deMolay, who had been Grand Master of the Knights Templar.
DeMolay had been condemned as a heretic after Pope Clement V and the French King Philippe Libel ordered an investigation which discovered that upon initiation into this crusading order, members were required to spit upon an image of Christ's face. The Templars were shown to be a Manichaean cult, practicing a form of the Middle Eastern Baphomet paganism as an initiation into their inner secrets.
You see, their research has confirmed exactly my research, and the research of CAJI members that resulted in over 40 hours of air time of our "Mystery Babylon" series.
After Jacques deMolay was executed in 1314, as nineteenth century Scottish Rite Supreme Commander, General Albert Pike stated in his book, "Morals and Dogma", renegade Templars traveling to Scotland helped King Bruce found a precursor of the Scottish Rite which is also part of the ritual of the New Age Southern Jurisdiction known as the 30th Degree Knight Kadosh, otherwise known as the Holy Knight, Knight of the Temple, and Degree of Revenge.
According to Pike, the Knights Templar were, from the very beginning, devoted to opposition to the Tiara of Rome and the crown of its chiefs. Their object, Pike said, was to acquire influence and wealth, then to intrigue, and at need, fight to establish the Johnite, or Gnostic, and Cabalistic Dogma.
Isn't is strange that everybody who investigates these secret societies ends up at the same door with the same facts?
According to author Paul Fischer, the former Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Pike also asserted that the secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn upon the tomb of deMolay to overthrow throne and altar. Then when King Louis XVI of France was executed in 1793, half the work was done. Thence forward, the Army of the Temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope.
Remember, whoever you are, whatever race you are, whatever religion you belong to: the enemy that you perceive is not your enemy. You are controlled by your enemy and you don't even know it. All of us are controlled by our enemy except for a small minority who have awakened and refuse to be controlled any longer.
The enemy pits us against each other. They teach us to hate each other. They preach lies. They twist scripture. They twist history. They fake incidents. And so we end up hating each other, and fighting each other, while they are moving very carefully, surely, and swiftly in the background to enslave us all.
Now, the quicker we all realize this and set ourselves free--for there is no knight in shining armor riding up on a white horse that's going to do it for us.
The United States Founding Fathers well knew the seditious nature of the Scottish Rite which President George Washington, in a letter to Minister G. W. Snyder, denounced for its diabolical tenets, and for having unleashed the pernicious principles of the Jacobin mob during the French Revolution.
Now, for those of you who have not studied history, the Jacobin Movement was the old Adam Weishaupt Illuminati under a different name.
3. "Prayer" -- These "wall of separation" cases began in the early 1960s and they continue today.
In the interim, the Supreme Court, with the full approval of the ADL, has been involved in banning non-denominational prayer to a monotheistic God; voluntary prayer; and silent prayer in schools, court rooms, and at other federal, state, and local government functions.
In a related case, in which the ADL filed an amicus brief in 1961, "Torcaso v. Watkins", the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional for people seeking public office to be required to take an oath that they believed in the existence of God.
In 1963, with "School District of Abbington Township v. Shemp", the Supreme Court agreed with the ADL's amicus argument that Bible reading at the start of a school day is unconstitutional.
In the recent case of "Kenneth Roberts v. Kathleen Madigan", as we shall see, the Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the Tenth United States Circuit Court of Appeals that banned the Bible from being in the school room unless a teacher hid it in his desk. It cannot even be on the shelf in the library.
In it's pamphlet, "Friend of the Court", the ADL argues that it is seeking to keep the government completely out of religion and vice versa, less the Jewish minority be overwhelmed by a Christian minority.
Do you understand what I just said, ladies and gentlemen?
But at the same time, while claiming to protect Jewry, the Bible is outlawed from the school--even from the school library--which includes, ladies and gentlemen, the Torah.
So, in the guise of defending Jewry against Christianity, Jews also are prohibited from taking their holy book into school, having it in school, or reading it in the school library; also from saying prayers.
It protects no one. It takes away the right to practice the religion of your choice for all of us, every single one of us--Jew, Gentile, the followers of the prophet Mohammed, Buddhists, those who follow the Shinto way, Daoism--it doesn't matter. Quote:
"The horrible consequences of an officially sponsored religion can be seen in the Crusades, and in one of the darkest periods of Jewish history--the Spanish Inquisition.
"ADL works to ensure a strict separation of church and state so as to protect minority religions. Judaism is a central concern for the League."
End quote. Now children saying a prayer in school, or carrying a copy of their own personal religious book, whatever it may be, are now compared to the Spanish Inquisition.
Do you see how things are twisted, ladies and gentlemen?
But the ADL's hostility, rather than being directed against Christianity, is actually directed against the entirety of all of the Judeo-Christian traditions, including Jews--especially orthodox Jews.
It's demonstrated when the ADL filed amicus briefs to ban display of the Ten Commandments in the classroom in cases paralleling the school prayer issue.
Perhaps the most ironic case, given the ADL's claims to represent Jewish interests, was its stand in the 1980 Ten Commandments case, "Stone v. Graham", where the plaintiffs challenged a Kentucky statute which required the posting of the Ten Commandments in each school classroom.
The ADL ended up fighting a small-print statement after the last commandment which read--listen to this folks; this is what they fought--quote:
"The secular application of the Ten Commandments is clearly seen in its adoption as the fundamental legal code of western civilization and the common law of the United States."
End quote. And this is something that should be taught in every single class which teaches western civilization because it is absolutely true.
In November 1980, the ADL agreed with the Supreme Court's decision that this was unconstitutional.
4. "Christmas Carols, Hymns, and Spirituals" -- Nearly all of these song forms, which are a most efficient prophylactic to protect children from the horrors of the rock/drug/sex counter-culture, and are a bridge to classical music, have been all but banned with the agreement of the ADL from public schools.
One recent case, "Florrie v. Sioux Falls School District 49-5" grew out of a 1978 School Board policy which allowed the singing of Christmas carols, the performance of religious plays, and the display of religious symbols in Sioux Falls public schools.
Although the ADL filed amicus briefs at the level of the Eighth United States Circuit Court of Appeals, and with the Supreme Court, the latter refused to hear the case, thereby affirming the decision of the Appeals Court that such actions were Constitutional, much to the dismay of the Anti-Defamation League.
5. "Equal Access Act" -- Another decision that grew cries of alarm from both the ADL and the New Age Southern Jurisdiction that the "wall" was being lowered involved the EAA.
In a June 4th, 1990 press release, the ADL said, quote:
"The Supreme Court decision today upholding the Equal Access Amendment erodes the wall separating church and state."
End quote. The case, "Board of Education of West Side Community Schools v. Murgins", involved the efforts of a student, Bridget C. Murgins, to have equal access to school facilities for a Christian Bible study club.
According to the ADL release, quote:
"The Court held that student-sponsored religious clubs in public high schools do not violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment."
End quote. And of course, they don't.
In its amicus brief, the ADL argued that the EAA was unconstitutional since it involves the public schools promoting religious activities impermissible from the standpoint of the cult dogma underlying the "wall of separation" opinion of Justice Hugo Black.
In its 1991 "ADL and the Courts" pamphlet, the ADL describes its amicus brief as having argued the following, quote:
"The brief contended that both the legislative history of the EAA and the language of the statute itself reveal its impermissible religious purpose.
"The EAA arose following several unsuccessful legislative and Constitutional initiatives to promote religion in public schools. When these efforts failed, Congress adopted the free speech analysis from "Widmar v. Vincent" (454 U.S. Sup. Ct. 263, 1983), characterizing student religious activity as a protected form of free expression."
End quote. What particularly disturbed the ADL was that by granting Christian clubs equal access to school facilities where there was an open forum for the debate of often competing ideas, the Supreme Court, in upholding the EAA, had somehow given undue emphasis to the free speech clause of the First Amendment over the establishment clause interpretation of Justice Black--dangerous in the viewpoint of the ADL.
6. "Religious Symbols" -- As a result of adjudication since the "Everson" decision, it has become unconstitutional for schools and governments to celebrate Christmas or other Christian holidays with a display of such religious symbols as crosses, nativity scenes, or depictions of Jesus.
Instead, what MUST be substituted are Santa Claus, reindeer, and Christmas trees, which are of a secular nature, and tend to substitute the material aspect of gifts rather than the religious significance of the founding of Christianity with the birth of Christ.
Of course, we all know that Christ was not born on Christmas--as Christianity seems to think--but in a completely different part of the year altogether. And we all know that Santa Claus, reindeer, and Christmas trees are not of a secular nature, but are part of an old pagan, European religion.
The ADL has participated in a number of such cases. Among the recent ones described in its 1991 "ADL and the Courts" pamphlet is "Doe v. Small" (934 F.2d 743, 7th Cir. 1991), quote:
"At issue in this case was the Constitutionality of a public park display of numerous large paintings depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ."
End quote. The ADL wrote an amicus brief in this case from Ottawa, Illinois, saying that the local government's assistance to the Jaycees in preparing the annual display, including the use of public land, violated the "wall of separation". Writes the ADL, quote:
"The brief contended that the city is not merely acknowledging or celebrating Christmas, but that it is instead supporting Christianity."
End quote. Yet, in the case of "American Jewish Congress v. City of Beverly Hills", Case No. CV 90-6521, when the American Jewish Congress filed suit against the Lubovichers for erecting a menorah to celebrate Hanukkah on public property, the Anti-Defamation League worked out a compromise whereby the menorah could be displayed along with a large Christmas tree on land that did not face public buildings.
7. "Banning the Bible" -- Quote:
"On June 29, 1992, the Supreme Court let stand a ruling in the case of "Kenneth Roberts v. Kathleen Madigan and Adams County School District No. 50" that the Constitution prohibits an elementary public school teacher from silently reading the Bible to himself while his students read secular books.
"The Court declined to review a decision of the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that Kenneth Roberts, a fifth-grade public school teacher, teaching in a suburb of Denver, violated the Constitution by reading the Bible to himself during the classroom's silent reading period."
End quote. Now, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, why would anyone care what someone reads silently to themselves during a period when there is absolutely nothing for them to do except wait for the students to finish their assignment?
The Tenth Circuit had ruled that even having the Bible on top of the teacher's desk in view of the students violates the First Amendment, and Roberts had been forced to hide the Bible in his desk after he was admonished by the Principal, Kathleen Madigan.
The Appeals Court also ruled it unconstitutional for Roberts to include two Christian books--"The Bible in Pictures" and "The Story of Jesus"--in his 240-volume classroom library among such other books as "Tom Sawyer", "The Wizard of Oz", and "Charlotte's Web".
Also in the classroom library were two books that contained discussions of Indian religions and a book on Greek mythology--neither one of which the ADL was concerned about.
The ADL filed an amicus brief with the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. To quote "ADL and the Courts", and I quote:
"ADL's brief argued that the District Court properly denied the injunctive relief when it determined that Roberts was using his role as a teacher to advance religion in violation of the Limine <sp?> Establishment Clause Test.
"ADL argued that the Supreme Court has recognized repeatedly that to impressionable school children religious activities in the public schools convey the message of government sponsorship of religion. This is particularly true when a teacher reads from the Bible in front of students."
End quote. Now, someone reading this casually would think that it means that the teacher was reading from the Bible to the students. And of course, he was not. Words can be tricky, and words can tell the truth but convey the wrong meaning--especially to sheeple.
However, as even the ADL had to acknowledge, quote:
"One of the three judges in the Court of Appeals panel dissented, charging that the school was converting the establishment clause into governmental disapproval, disparagement, and hostility toward the Christian religion."
End quote--all of which are forbidden by the Constitution of the United States of America.
The ADL's hostility to the basic Judeo-Christian principles upon which the United States was founded is blatant.
Its support for overtly Satanic or New Age alternatives to Judeo-Christian moral values, while less public, is also clear--very clear--upon close observation.
The League's post-Matamoros efforts to sandbag Texas legislation against Satanic-related crimes is one case in point.
Another case in point, ladies and gentlemen, is the ADL's involvement in one of the most outrageous instances of child sexual abuse in recent memory.
The scandal began in Omaha, Nebraska--and many of you have heard about it--but eventually spread to Washington, D.C., implicating officials of the Reagan-Bush White House in after-hours cavorting with male prostitutes.
It has been the subject of thousands of pages of news coverage, several criminal trials, and one book: "The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska", written by retired Nebraska State Senator and decorated Vietnam War hero, John Decamp.
In late 1988, federal regulators moved in and shut the doors of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha. The institution had been looted into bankruptcy by its founder and manager, Larry King.
King, a prominent black Republican Party activist, had been sponsored by some of the most powerful people in town, including the publisher of the only state-wide daily newspaper in Nebraska, Harold Anderson; and one of the world's wealthiest men, investment broker, Warren Buffet.
Following the blow-out of Franklin Credit, evidence began to surface that King, along with many of his prestigious local backers, was part of a VIP homosexual cult which regularly tortured and sexual abused area youth in pedophilic orgies.
Further investigations, ladies and gentlemen, linked King to Washington lobbyist and homosexual Craig Spence. When Washington bunko cops busted a male prostitution ring in the summer of 1989, Spence's name showed up all over the company's records as one of its biggest-spending clients.
Spence had high-level White House and GOP connections, and on several occasions, had toured the President's home after dark in the company of corporate clients and homosexual prostitutes.
According to several accounts, King and Spence were business partners in several call-boy services.
Back in Omaha, Nebraska, a mad dash to cover up the pedophile activities was launched by local Federal Bureau of Investigation officials and the Omaha Chief of Police, Robert Wadman--himself a member of the homosexual cult.
According to numerous witness accounts, and according to a book recently published, the FBI had a lot of practice covering up this kind of thing following their Director, J. Edgar Hoover, during his trysts with young boys across the nation.
Ultimately, King was carted off to federal prison on bank fraud charges and several efforts to get to the bottom of the pedophile ring were short-circuited.
And I might inject here: J. Edgar Hoover was also a 33rd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite.
More questions remain unanswered, but one thing is certain. Allen Baer, a local Omaha multi-millionaire and financial backer of the ADL, was personally caught red-handed in pedophile activities.
In 1990, Baer was charged with pandering by local police. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge rather than face a jury trial with all the attendant media coverage. Baer's name came up repeatedly as a major player in the testimony of victim witnesses to the child abuse.
The Allen and Marsha Baer Foundation was also listed as a source of money to several charities, including the Girls Club of Omaha, that were apparently victimized by the child abuse ring. The Foundation also donates to the Gay Men's Health Crisis, Inc. in San Francisco, and the People With Aids Coalition.
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Re: ADL Part 3

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In December 1985, then-FBI Director William Webster, speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., admitted that a Jewish underground had emerged as a serious threat to the United States during the preceding twelve months.

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, he was partially right. For, over the course of 1985, the Jewish Defense League, known as the JDL, had been responsible for a string of sophisticated bombings that left two people dead, a dozen others seriously wounded, and caused millions of dollars in property damage.

Alex Oda, the head of the California branch of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, or AADC, had been killed when a bomb went off at the group's Santa Ana office. Seven other people had been hospitalized in the attack.

Shirem Subzukoff, a victim of the Justice Department's Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations, or OSI, had also died when a booby-trap bomb blew up in his home in Patterson, New Jersey.

A Boston police officer, responding to a JDL bomb threat at the local office of AADC, was crippled for life when a pipe bomb blew up as he was attempting to defuse it.

Jewish underground? No.

Another terrorist arm of B'nai B'rith and the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League? Absolutely yes.

All controlled from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

In each of these instances, the bomb attacks had been preceded by noisy public demonstrations and inflammatory press statements by Mordechai Levy, the leader of a JDL splinter group, the Jewish Defense Organization, or JDO.

Although FBI boss Webster left his National Press Club audience with the impression that the so-called Jewish underground was a mysterious and amorphous outfit about which the FBI had little information, in truth, the Bureau had an exhaustive profile of all of the key personnel and their mode of operation.

FBI agents on the scene of the Santa Ana, California murder of Alex Oda knew the identities of the three men who planted the bomb before Oda's body was even removed from the murder scene.

You never knew any of this, did you?

The killers were long-time Jewish Defense League members Andy Green, Keith Fuchs, and Bob Manning. The American-born trio were residents of an Israeli kibbutz in the occupied territories called "Kiriat Arba". Kiriat Arba was a training camp and safe-house for the JDL and its Israeli affiliate, the Kach Party.

The FBI, ladies and gentlemen, listed Fuchs, Green, and Manning as suspects in a total of 25 terrorist attacks inside the United States.

But you see, most of you sheeple never even knew that there had been terrorist attacks inside the United States until a bomb went off in the World Trade Center in New York City. And then you knew about it only because it furthered the cause of world-wide Zionism, and it was blamed upon a group of Arabs who had direct ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Fuchs had been jailed in Israel in 1983 for firing a Soviet-made AK-47 rifle at a busload of Arabs on the West Bank. Manning had served time in jail in the United States for bombing the home of an Arab-American activist.

When the three JDL-ers arrived in Los Angeles several days before the Oda murder, they were already under FBI surveillance. But as so often happens with the FBI, they didn't prevent anything.

It's no wonder that FBI Director Webster was not anxious to discuss details with the room full of reporters at the National Press Club for, unlike this reporter on "The Hour of the Time", he was afraid. The Bureau had been in a position to prevent the bombing of the Santa Ana AADC Office. And as they have in many, many instances, they either flubbed it, or allowed it to happen, because it furthered their own aims. Or worse.

At the same time that the Jewish underground was conducting its bombing spree from coast to coast, the FBI was relying increasingly on the ADL for information about extremist groups inside the United States of America. This was the same ADL that would join with the KGB--the KGB--and the East German Stasse in covering the trail of the assassins of Sweden's Head of State, Olaf Palm, which we'll cover. You can bet your boots we'll cover it.

Even more to the point, this was the same ADL that was instrumental in the creation and deployment of such diverse terrorist groups as the JDL and, yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Ku Klux Klan. For how can they keep the Jews together in their own created ghettos, to further the political aims of international socialism--also known as Zionism--if they don't present the Jews with a common enemy: all the rest of us?--under the guise of the Ku Klux Klan, the skinheads, the White Aryan Nation, anti-semitism.

Oh, yes. You're going to learn things tonight you never dreamed were happening in this country, the land of the free and the home of the brave. It turns out to be the Liars Club.

According to Robert Friedman, the biographer of JDL Founder Rabbi Mier Kahani, the militant Jewish group was controlled from its founding days by a secret three-person committee made up of future Israeli Prime Minister and Mossad Operations Chief Itsak Shmir and Israeli Parliamentarian Gala Cohen, and Brooklyn ADL Chairman, Bernard Duch, whom we've already discussed on earlier programs.

It was at a December 1969 meeting between Cohen and Kahani, arranged by Duch, that the JDL launched its campaign of terror and intimidation against Soviet diplomats in New York and Washington, aimed at forcing the Soviets to loosen up their immigration laws for Jews.

In the early days before JDL-head Kahani hooked up with mobster Joe Columbo and many JDL-ers began funding their terrorist operations by selling dope, or running syndicate shake-down operations, or performing hits through their Murder, Inc. branch, ADL man Duch had been the money bags behind the Jewish militants. Duch's involvement with the JDL was such a well-kept secret that his Kahani-links remained virtually unknown until 1991.

Just as the secret society, the branch of the Illuminati known as B'nai B'rith had quietly steered other Jewish American groups to smuggle arms into Russia on the eve of the Bolshevik revolution, the ADL ran the Jewish underground from behind the scenes, often going through the motions of publicly denouncing the JDL violence, to make sure that no direct links were ever surfaced.

And these Jews were used the same as Ollie North was used--by making them think that they were performing acts of patriotism, to protect the Jewish community as a whole, to further the security of the State of Israel.

Well, I want to ask you if you are a Jew and you're listening to this broadcast: if you put the State of Israel above the United States of America, go to Israel, and stay there. Live there. Fight there. And if you have to, die there. Make your dream come true there.

This is the United States of America. And if you're an American, I don't care what else you call yourself, you owe your allegiance to America, to the Constitution, and to the Bill of Rights.

You see, you're being used to help this great nation--the only nation in your history that gave you sustenance, gave you protection, allowed you to prosper. You look around and you see anti-semitism everywhere where it is not. It does not exist here. Except within less than 1/1000th of one percent of the population, it is negligible. But if you continue in the path that you are going, you will create a wave of anti-semitism that will destroy you.

Mordechai Levy, the leader of the JDL splinter group that managed to show up on the doorsteps of Alex Oda and Shirem Subzukoff on the eves of their assassinations, maintained direct and frequent contact with the ADL's Fact-Finding Division Head, Irwin Sewell.

Just two weeks before the AADC's Washington, D.C. office was blown up on November 29th, 1985, Levy had appeared as the featured speaker at a press conference hosted by the Federation of Jewish Organizations of Greater Washington, an umbrella group led by both the ADL and B'nai B'rith, to present a list of enemies of the Jewish people. AADC was among the groups listed.

On more than one occasion, Levy's provocateur antics nearly exposed the ADL's hand in fomenting domestic violence, ladies and gentlemen.

And here's the truth of how these people operate. And here's the truth of anti-semitism in America. And here's the truth of swastikas painted on synagogues and on the headstones in Jewish cemeteries. This is the truth, and you'd just better listen, and you'd better stop being afraid of these people. And you'd better stop being afraid of being called anti-semitic. And you'd better, you'd better point to these traitors, and these terrorists, and these scum, and call them what they are.

On February the 16th, 1979, Levy, using the pseudonym, James Gutman, filed an application with the United States Park Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to obtain permission to hold a rally.

Now remember, this is Levy using the pseudonym James Gutman--a German name. I wonder why he did that? Well, you're going to find out.

The rally permit, ladies and gentlemen, sought by Levy--Levy: a member of the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, supposedly existing for the protection of Jews; the rally permit sought by Levy, also known as Gutman on this occasion--was not filed in the name of the JDL, which he was also a member of. Levy was posing as a leader of the American Nazi Party.

Levy was posing as a leader of the American Nazi Party!--seeking a permit for a Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party rally at Independence Hall, the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Remember, I told you about the Hegelian Method of Political Conflict Resolution?

Remember, I told you there is no such thing as a Patriot Community?

Remember, I told you that these people who are bringing about the New World Order control both sides of every issue, indeed they create the issues?

According to the rally permit, Levy was planning a white power rally to show white masses unity of white race, and to show the world niggers and Jews are cowards. Among the paraphernalia Levy listed on the application were:

"...swastikas, banners, Nazi uniforms, KKK paraphernalia, 'will burn cross', swastika picket signs saying: 'Hitler was Right! Gas Commie Jews!'"

Verbatim quote.

Working out of the Philadelphia offices of the Jewish Defense League, Levy organized local chapters of the KKK--the Ku Klux Klan--and Neo-Nazi groups to attend the Independence Hall rally, and these racist fools--not knowing that he was a Jewish member of the ADL and the JDL--fell right into line and did his bidding, like the little puppet jerks that they are.

In the case of the Trenton, New Jersey Ku Klux Klan, Levy had an inside track. Listen to this: James Rosenberg <sp?>--also known as Jimmy Mitchell and Jimmy Anderson, a full-time, paid employee of the Anti-Defamation League Fact-Finding Division--had successfully infiltrated the local chapter of the Klan. Rosenberg had recently attempted unsuccessfully to get some of the local KKK-ers to blow up the Trenton headquarters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, NAACP.

At the same time he was posing as James Gutman, Neo-Nazi, Levy was also mobilizing the Jewish community and every rag-tag, left-wing, socialist Nazi--and that's exactly what they are, for Nazis are really left-wing, ladies and gentlemen--radical group in the greater Philadelphia area to attend a mass demonstration to confront the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis at Independence Hall.

You see, if they all really knew the definition of these terms that they banter about, they'd join forces and they'd be a lot stronger.

[chuckle] Oh, the world is full of fools. I sit back and I watch all of this, and I alternately laugh and cry, laugh and cry.

All the ingredients, ladies and gentlemen, were there for a serious, very serious, riot--a riot brought about in its entirety by the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish Defense League, organizing and manipulating both sides, filing for the permit, urging violence, attempting to get people to blow up a bridge.

But fortunately, ladies and gentlemen, this was one time, one time that word of Levy's scam on the Park Service leaked out to the Philadelphia Press.

After one Philadelphia newspaper ran a banner headline saying, quote:

"Nazi Rally Rouser Really Jewish"

end quote--and you can check on it yourself, by the way--the Park Service yanked the permit.

Levy's Anti-Defamation League handlers ordered him to lay low for a while. I wonder why? After all, there was no need to jeopardize Levy or even Rosenberg's standing as professional agents provocateur inside the racist element of the 1/1000th of one percent of the population of this country who aren't even half as dangerous as these ADL/JDL terrorist agents of a foreign nation, spying on American people, blowing up organizations and offices, and killing and maiming people in the United States of America. None of you even knew about it.

The ADL, of course, had plenty of other aces up their sleeves, and not all of them were Jewish infiltrators.

And remember, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL and the JDL and B'nai B'rith are not the Jews. It is a branch--the Jewish branch--of the ages-old Illuminati, controlled by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. And out of all the Jews in this country, only a handful belong.

One of the most shocking instances of racist violence during the civil rights battles in the south of the United States during the 1960s was the execution-style murders of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1964. And now, you're going to hear what really happened.

The murders of Andrew Goodman, Robert Chaney, and Mitchell Schwerner sent shock waves across America and the world, as many people began to realize for the first time that the Confederacy, far from being dead, was very much alive and very much committed to rolling back the tide of equal rights for all races, at least in the deep south.

True to its historical roots in the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and in the original Confederate secessionist plot, the Anti-Defamation League, contrary to its own published propaganda--and that's exactly what it is, propaganda--lined up squarely with the Klan, the Ku Klux Klan, where it counted the most: with its checkbook.

One particularly sordid instance of collusion between the Anti-Defamation League and the Ku Klux Klan came to light in a hail of bullets on the night of June 30th, 1968 in Meridian, Mississippi, outside the home of ADL official, Myer Davidson.

When the smoke cleared, a local school teacher named Kathy Ainsworth lay dead, and a second man, Thomas A. Terrence III lay dying after being hit with 70 bullets--70 bullets, ladies and gentlemen--fired by 22 local police and FBI agents.

Shades of Waco!

Miraculously, Terrence survived the attack. Terrence and Ainsworth, both local Ku Klux Klan members, had been set up. They went to Davidson's home, ladies and gentlemen, that night to plant a bomb on his door step, not knowing that the leader of their own Ku Klux Klan chapter had betrayed them, and that a small army of police and FBI sharp-shooters was waiting in the bushes to ambush them.

The entire affair, ladies and gentlemen, had been staged by the Anti-Defamation League. That's right. The entire affair had been staged by the Anti-Defamation League.

The agent provocateur inside the local Ku Klux Klan Chapter who set up Terrence and Ainsworth was one of the killers of Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner.

Alton Wayne Roberts was out on bail awaiting his trial, along with six other members of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, for the Philadelphia, Mississippi murders, when in the early spring of 1968 he cut a deal with the Anti-Defamation League's Regional Director, Adolf Botnick.

The New Orleans-based Botnick had been a long-standing friend of the late Guy Banister. Guy Bannister--Kennedy assassination--the former FBI Special Agent implicated by District Attorney Jim Garrison in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Botnick, with the blessings of Meridian-based FBI Special Agent Frank Watts and Meridian Police Detective Luke Scarborough, agreed to pay Alton Wayne Roberts and his brother, Raymond Roberts, $69,000 to become the League's paid agents provocateur. Twenty-five thousand dollars in unmarked twenty-dollar bills was hand-delivered from New Orleans to the Roberts brothers just days before the Ainsworth/Terrence ambush.

At the time the deal was struck, the White Knights, led by the two Roberts brothers, had been on a nine-month bombing spree--nine-month bombing spree. The brothers were prime suspects in ten separate acts of racist violence. In addition to the Philadelphia murders, three of these attacks were directed against synagogues and Jewish leaders in Mississippi.

Do you understand, folks, it's not the Jews! The Jews are being lied to. They're being manipulated just like all of you are. Are you beginning to understand how it works?

Three of these attacks were directed against synagogues and Jewish leaders in Mississippi. And they huddled in their little self-made ghettos, and pointed their fingers at the community--had nothing to do with it--and yelled, "Anti-semitism! The Nazis are coming to get us!"

And you're so proud of your level of education. You should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you.

The Roberts brothers, as per their deal with Botnick, ordered two of their Klan underlings to deliver the bomb to Davidson's home. They then tipped off the FBI and the local police about the exact time the attack would occur.

In return for their continuing services to the ADL after the Davidson incident, the brothers were given slap-on-the-wrist sentences and placed in the FBI's Witness Protection Program.

And for his part in the Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner murders, Alton Wayne Roberts spent less than three years in jail, and is again very active with you-know-who.

The Meridian incident was classic Anti-Defamation League; classic Hegelian Conflict Method of Political Resolution. The League used the racist attack against Meyer Davidson as a scare tactic fund-raising ploy, and the Jews filled their coffers--emptied their pockets--and asked the same people who had attacked them to protect them, using their own money.

The money they raised more than covered the costs of buying up the two KKK-ers as their permanent agents provocateur inside the Klan.

The League parlayed their financing of the Roberts brothers into an ever-closer relationship with the FBI, which was delighted to have the ADL finance and deploy two of the Klan's most violent terrorists.

When you begin, when you begin to study the Waco massacre, you will find that David Koresh spent time in Israel, that he and some of his followers were trained by the JDL in infantry tactics, that he attended classes on the Talmud, that he was surrounded by Mossad and ADL agents and JDL personnel.

You will find that original reports from the foreign source quoted in the first press report, that they were going to commit mass suicide, came from prominent ADL members in Australia.

You people better wake up, and you'd better do it fast.

"Koresh", in the Hebrew language, means "Cyrus". "David", of course... the House of David, the famous king of Israel. Cyrus was the one who freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity. David Koresh flew the star of David on the flag pole above what was called Mount Carmel. He claimed that he held the keys to the seven seals in the Book of Revelation.

Poor, brainwashed, mind-controlled, manipulated David Koresh.

On the day in November 1985 that Israel spy, Jonathan J. Pollard was arrested, things went haywire at the Anti-Defamation League's headquarters near United Nations Plaza in New York City.

National Chairman Kenneth Bailken immediately flew off to Israel to assess the damage and to make arrangements for the appropriate American attorneys to be brought in to represent, not only the jailed spy, but the other more senior players in the nominally-Israeli spy ring.

Were you aware that the headquarters of B'nai B'rith and the ADL is in the same building occupied by the Trilateral Commission?

Among the most important of those senior players was Col. Aviam Sella, an Israeli Air Force war hero, who had been Pollard's recruiter on behalf of the secret Israeli techno-spy unit--L'Akim.

Sella's cover for his spy recruiting was that he was in the United States taking graduate courses at New York University. And Sella's wife, Ruth, a practicing attorney, reportedly was working on the staff of the ADL's Legal Department while the couple lived in New York.

Any published links between the ADL and the Pollard spy apparatus could naturally prove very, very damaging, especially in light of the cozy relationship the League was enjoying with the Reagan White House at the time.

You see, while still in Israel, Bailken telephoned fellow ADL man Leonard Garment of the politically powerful law firm of Dickstein Shapiro. Garment was then the personal lawyer for United States Attorney General Edwin Meese. He agreed, at Bailken's urging, to represent Sella in the Pollard matter, despite the obvious severe conflict of interest.

What an understatement!

At the ADL's Washington office, Myra Lansky-Bolland--Myra Lansky-Bolland--was also undoubtedly worried that her own links to Pollard might surface.

Lanksy-Bolland had been a classmate and pal of Pollard at the graduate school program and national security affairs at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy of Tufts University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Upon graduation in 1978, both Lansky and Pollard had been immediately placed into sensitive posts in the United States intelligence community. Pollard had gone into Naval Intelligence --my old alma mater--and had almost immediately begun funneling secrets to Israel.

Lansky-Bolland had gone to work for the Central Intelligence Agency, and after a two-year stint with the CIA, she had transferred to the Pentagon where she worked under Dr. Andrew Marshall at the Office of Net Assessments--a little-known but very, very powerful unit that prepared technical assessments of Soviet military capabilities.

In 1982, Lansky had left the government to work full-time for the ADL in Washington.

Now, don't even believe that she ever left anything.

Shortly after her arrival at the ADL from the Pentagon, she was assigned as the case officer on the League's multi-million dollar campaign to smear and jail Lyndon LaRouche and scores of his associates for naming the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, B'nai B'rith, and the ADL in the attempts to destroy the United States of America.

Now, don't get me wrong, folks. I am not for Lyndon LaRouche. He is a screaming socialist himself, masquerading as a conservative. But nevertheless, he has brought out a lot of truth about a lot of things, and he was framed and wrongfully imprisoned--all brought about by the ADL.

Following the Pollard arrest, Andrew Marshall would be identified, ladies and gentlemen, as a suspected senior member of the Pollard spy ring, although no charges were ever brought against him, and he remains to this day in his post at the Defense Department.

To this day, Pentagon officials have never succeeded in pinning down the identity of the Mr. X who gave Pollard the code numbers of the classified documents that the Naval Intelligence analyst then stole and passed on to L'Akim.

Both Pollard and Lansky had gotten their government spy jobs courtesy of Fletcher School Professor Yuri Ra'anahn. Ra'anahn, an Oxford University-trained Middle East expert, had himself been an Israeli government intelligence operative of the Mossad, posted in New York City and Washington during the 1950s and '60s, and also an operative of British intelligence. He was playing all ends against the middle.

While serving as a press attache at the Israeli embassy in Washington in the mid-1960s, Ra'anahn had helped set up a unit that would recruit Israeli spies from the ranks of American businessmen traveling frequently to the Soviet Union and eastern Europe. That spy unit, which was unearthed in a series of civil suits beginning in 1967--all on record, was housed at the headquarters of the B'nai B'rith International.

Ra'anahn's contact point inside the B'nai B'rith was Phillip Klutznick, an Honorary National Chairman of the ADL who would later serve as President Jimmy Carter's Secretary of Commerce.

Among the damage-control efforts launched by the ADL in the wake of the Pollard arrest was the planting of a string of news accounts and editorials portraying Pollard as a loyal American who was also committed to the security of the State of Israel.

No such thing, folks. A loyal American is devoted to the United States of America. Citizens of the State of Israel are devoted to the State of Israel, and stupid fools who are allowed to be manipulated, thinking that they owe allegiance to both.

I have nothing against Israel. But Israel needs to take off its diaper and stand on its own two feet.

"Harmless, friendly espionage" was the term coined by the League and its small army of paid-agents inside the news media.


Unfortunately, Pollard's spying was anything but harmless or friendly. The L'Akim unit, headed by the former Chief of European Operations for the Mossad, Raphael "Dirty Raffi" Itan, was passing on the most sensitive of the American national security secrets heisted by Pollard to the Soviet KGB. In return, Moscow was opening up the pipeline of Soviet Jews to Israel.

It was treachery of the highest order.

And then Secretary of Defense Casper Weinburger was fully aware of the magnitude of Pollard's crimes when he asked the judge to sentence Pollard to life in prison after the spy agreed to plead guilty.

He should have been executed.

In a 46-page affidavit submitted to the judge in the Pollard case, Weinburger showed that much of the Pollard material wound up in Soviet hands, and that it would cost the United States billions of dollars to repair the national security damage done by the Pollard spy ring.

The ADL is not a friend of the United States of America.

The JDL is not a friend of the United States of America.

B'nai B'rith is not a friend of the United States of America.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is not a friend of the United States of America.

Israel is not a friend of the United States of America.

In fact, ladies and gentlemen, the millions of pages of classified documents funneled by Pollard to the KGB, a majority were of no critical interest to Israel at all.

Did Kenneth Bailken, or Myra Lansky-Bolland, or any of the other ADL officials who abetted Pollard in his spy work know that the pilfered material was going to the KGB?

The answer to that question has never been made public to this day. Only the players in the espionage operation know for sure. But I believe that they knew 100% what was happening and where it was going every single moment, that they were a part of it.

And remember, folks, they organized it. They put it together, and they controlled it.

It is unquestionably the case that, at the same time the ADL was knee-deep in the Pollard stew, top ADL officials were working hand-in-glove with the Soviet bloc intelligence services on several other projects that would have devastating consequences for the United States of America.

You see, the ADL are traitors, murderers, terrorists, and scum. It has nothing to do with Jews. They use Jews. And they use you because you're so afraid of being called anti-semitic if you tell the truth about these scumbags. You quiver just thinking about somebody calling you anti-semitic.

Well, take it from me, folks, it don't hurt at all. Not at all. I've never been anti-semitic in my life, but in their efforts to shut me up, they have tried on several occasions to brand me as an anti-semite, and it doesn't work, and it doesn't shut me up, and I'm not afraid of them.

And if I end up dead, I've already told you what to do. You take my dead cold body and you place it up on the steps of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction in Washington, D.C., and then you burn it to the ground. And then you do the same to B'nai B'rith and all the other lodges of these scumbag traitors in this country. If I turn up dead, you do that. It's the only thing I'll ever ask of you except to wake up.

One such ADL friend of Moscow was whisky baron Edgar Bronfman. Edgar Bronfman. Remember, we discussed him on an earlier episode of the ADL expose. The third-generation Bronfmans had successfully transformed their father's Prohibition Era bootlegging business into a legitimate whisky empire called Seagrams.

And every time you take a drink of Seagrams, no matter what it is, you are furthering the goals of B'nai B'rith, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the ADL; and you're helping to destroy this country. Don't drink anything that Seagrams bottles ever.

This transformation, ladies and gentlemen, had been aided early on by the United States Treasury Department, which cut a deal with Sam and Abe Bronfman in the close of Prohibition, enabling them to pay several million dollars in back taxes in return for a white-washing of their decade of big-time crimes.

See, they used it as blackmail, just as they caused Elizabeth Claire Prophet in the Church Universal Triumphant to get down on their knees and beg for mercy and give up their guns. All their guns. Personal guns. Guns of all the members had to be given away. They sold out. They sold America down the tubes. They sold out the Second Amendment.

And the Treasury Department cut a deal and made sure the Sam and Abe Bronfman didn't go to jail if they paid several million dollars in back taxes and made them legitimate crooks. The Bronfman family came out of the deal as multi-millionaires, with all their ties to the Lansky syndicate still intact, and their criminal record behind them, because they made a deal with the same people that were bowing down to the fire in Waco, Texas.

Abner Longee Zwilmann was not the only Prohibition Era gangster who profited from the old saw: "from rags to rackets to riches to respectability". By the 1950s, the Bronfman's image had been so cleaned up that Edgar could marry into the "Our Crowd" Loeb family, and his sister Phyllis could marry Gene Lambert of the Belgian branch of the Rothschild clan.

The Lambert family was the European connection in Drexel Burnham Lambert. Ever hear of that? Drexel Burnham Lambert?

However, image polishing is one thing; reality is another. You see, as late as 1972, the Montreal Canada Crime Commission had issued a report naming Mitchell Bronfman as a crime partner of one of the city's biggest gangsters, Willie Obrunt. The pair were implicated in dope smuggling. Willie and Mitchell owned a night spot in the middle of Meyer Lansky's turf in North Miami called The Pagoda North, which was a favorite hangout for Vido Genovese and other big-time hoodlums.

Edgar Bronfman, for his part, sought out some very peculiar clientele for his family's whisky business. In 1986, as the Pollard affair was playing out, one of Edgar Bronfman's assistants at the World Jewish Congress--Bronfman had taken over the World Jewish Congress and turned it into an international arm of the ADL--that's the ADL, on whose National Commission he sits--and established ties to the brutal Communist regime in East Germany. Bronfman Seagram was made the exclusive distributor of booze to East Germany's ruling SED Communist Party.

In 1988, Edgar Bronfman himself traveled to East Berlin where he was the guest of honor of SED boss Erich Honecker and top party official Herman Axen.

It makes me sick. I don't know about you.

On that trip, Bronfman vowed that he would personally arrange for the East German leader to make a state visit to Washington, D.C. to meet with President Ronald Reagan.

Even one year later, with the Berlin Wall and East German Communism about to collapse, Edgar Bronfman was back in East Germany again--this time promising to marshall the resources of the World Jewish Congress and the ADL to block the reunification of Germany which he dubbed a sell-out of socialism.

And that is the truth of the ADL, the B'nai B'rith, and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Socialism. And that's where this country is going on a roller coaster, unless you stupid sheeple stand up on your hind feet, take the wool off from in front of your eyes, and become real people.

In return for those efforts, Bronfman was given the highest civilian award offered by East Germany: the People's Friendship Medal in Gold to this traitor.

Edgar's brother and business partner, Charles, was also a true friend of the Honecker dictatorship as the head of the Canadian-East German Friendship Society. He was able to control all passports and visas between the two countries.
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Re: ADL Part 4

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The Anti-Defamation League links to the Bolshevik regime and its intelligence services date back decades. Even during World War II, when the Soviet Union and the United States were allied against the Nazis, certain ADL officials were kept on United States military intelligence watch lists as suspected Soviet agents.

According to one eye-witness account, Sanford Griffith, who headed the equivalent of the Fact-Finding Division during and immediately following World War II, was on just such a list.

The April 5th, 1955 issue of "Headlines and What's Behind Them" catalogues a controversial instance in which the Anti-Defamation League provided cover for a known Soviet intelligence asset. The Soviet agent in question, Vladimir Stepankowski, had been deported from France and Switzerland in the mid-1930s after having been identified as the head of the Bolshevik Information Bureau, only to immigrate to the United States and immediately go to work for the Anti-Defamation League's Mitchell Solomon.

Through Solomon's ties to United States Army Lt. Col. Eugene Prince, an intelligence officer in charge of immigration background checks, Stepankowski was able to penetrate American war-time intelligence operations.

In 1954, he was identified by Elizabeth Bentley as a member of a Soviet spy ring. However, he was saved from prosecution through the intervention of his ADL case officer, Mitchell Solomon.

By this point, the ADL had deployed the Soviet agent into the National Renaissance Party of Robert Madole, a Neo-Nazi counter gang that had been set up largely by the ADL infiltrators, in order to create the specter of a new fascist menace inside the United States.

According to the "Headlines" account, the Madole group attracted a small corps of members, principally on the basis of the ADL providing NRP founder Madole with a stable of prostitutes from the Mickey Jelkie vice ring. ADL officials, Ben Epstein and Arnold Forster, then reportedly used Stepankowski's information to inundate the Veld Commission--that's the House Unamerican Activities Committee--remember, I told you Joseph McCarthy was right. They inundated the committee with scare stories that the NRP had swelled to 200 to 700 members in New York City alone.

ADL officials, and the Anti-Defamation League as an organization, are guilty of the same crimes for which Karl Spitz Chanel and Richard Miller were indicted during the 1987 Iran-Contra probe, illegally using private, tax-exempt organizations to conduct covert operations. However, unlike Chanel and Miller who were low-level flunkies in the overall secret parallel government plot, the ADL was deeply involved in every facet of the Iran-Contra scandal and the Project Democracy scheme at the very highest levels, on both the government and private sector sides.

The ADL's central role in the official Project Democracy apparatus of the Reagan-Bush era was an outgrowth of the ADL's long-standing position as a major agency within the United States branch of the Socialist Internationale, which has always been dominated by members of the old Bucheranite right opposition to Stalin. This link is typified by Fact-Finding Division head, Irwin Sewell, who was trained by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union of former United States Communist Party Chairman--Jay Lovestone.

Sewell was later schooled at the premier Fabian Labor School, Ruskin College, at Britain's Oxford University--William Clinton's alma mater--and then passed through the Socialist Party and the Jewish Labor Committee before graduating to his ADL post in 1967. Today, Sewell sits on the board of the League for Industrial Democracy and the Social Democrats U.S.A.

The direct links between the ADL and the Iran-Contra fiasco run through the following key players. Take note:

Karl Gershman: a former paid staffer of the Anti-Defamation League's Fact-Finding Division; was the director of the National Endowment for Democracy (or NED) throughout the Iran-Contra fiasco. From 1966 to 1972, Gershman was employed by the Research Department of the ADL.

According to Jerome Bakst, his supervisor at the time, Gershman used his extensive experiments as a New Left activist at Yale University to provide the ADL with detailed dossiers on Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panther Party, and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.

According to documents, ladies and gentlemen, procured under the Freedom of Information Act, as well as a recently published book-length account of the FBI's co/intell/pro efforts against the black student movement in the 1960s, the ADL dossiers, apparently including Gershman's work, were regularly passed on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Division V.

Early this year, Gershman hired ADL Fact-Finding Division Deputy Director David Lowe as his Executive Assistant at the State Department, United States Information Agency Unit.

NED was a major government funding conduit for Lt. Col. Oliver North, and for the White House Deputy Walter Rayman's Public Diplomacy Project, a black propaganda and active-measures effort, launched to shape media coverage of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.

Anti-Defamation League Latin American Affairs Director, Rabbi Morton M. Rosenthal, was directly financed by the NED in 1985 to conduct an electoral fact-finding trip through Central America. Among Rosenthal's assignments for the NED was the monitoring of the presidential elections in El Salvador.

On May 23rd, 1983, Rosenthal issued a report charging that the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua was guilty of anti-semitism. The Rosenthal attack on the Sandinistas was part of an effort to marshall Jewish support for the Reagan administration's Contra effort. That month, Rosenthal addressed a closed-door White House meeting, sponsored by Faith Wittlesley, at which aspects of the covert Contra support program were apparently discussed.

In a memorandum to the Latin American Affairs Committee of the ADL, dated June 9th, 1983, Rosenthal described the ADL's direct role in the anti-Sandinista propaganda offensive. The ADL's Sandinista anti-semitism story's unusually wide international and domestic coverage by both print and electronic media stimulated a flood of calls and mail to Nicaragua's embassy and consulates, and also elicited strong comments from members of Congress.

A few days after the story broke, folks, the Nicaraguan embassy contacted us through intermediaries and inquired if we were willing to meet and discuss the issues. The embassy then called officially to invite ADL representatives to meet the Nicaraguan ambassador Antonio Yarpine, and the meeting was held at the Nicaraguan embassy in Washington on Monday, June the 6th.

Kenneth Bailken, then the National Chairman of the ADL, was the attorney for Saudi billionaire, Adonan Khashoggi, during 1984 and 1985 when Khashoggi provided the initial funds through which the Iranian government purchased arms from the North-Secord-Hakim enterprise.

At the time of these transactions, Bailken was also a member of an administrative commission revamping United States federal codes.

Another member of the Commission was C. Boyden Gray, the General Counsel to Vice President George Bush, who formally ran the administration's special situation group, Crisis Pre-Planning Group--the White House inter-agency units set up under National Security Decision Directive No. 3--to oversee the Reagan-Bush's government's Central American policy.

The Lake Resources front company in Geneva, Switzerland, through which General Richard Secord and Albert Hakim laundered the Iranian profits to the Contras, was controlled from the outset by attorney Willard Zucker, a former partner of Bailken's at Willie Farr. Zucker had been installed by the ADL National Chairman in 1972 as the Chief of the IOS Legal Department. This made him a key, inside player in the Vesco looting of the fund.

Edmond Safra, one of the ADL's major financial angels, was the co-owner, with Willard Zucker, of the fleet of corporate jets which were used to shuttle then National Security Advisor Robert McFarlin and Lt. Col. Oliver North to secret meetings in Teheran.

The Anti-Defamation League itself was directly involved in the active measures department of the enterprise through its sponsorship of a series of propaganda broadsides attacking as anti-semites leftist groups which opposed the administration's Central American policy.

One such study commissioned by the ADL in 1983 resulted in a book-length attack by writer Harvey Claire on the group called "Clergy and Laity Concerned". Another study by long-time ADL stringer, Rael Jean Isaac, made similar attacks against the Institute for Policy Studies. In 1984, ADL chapters around the country hosted a speaking tour by Isaac. Both Claire and Isaac were funded during the same period by the Smith Richardson Foundation, a North Carolina-based, tax-exempt organization with very strong ties to the Social Democratic wing of the United States intelligence community.

Reagan-era National Security Advisor Richard Allen, and the United Nations Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick both currently sit on the board of Smith Richardson.

This report, ladies and gentlemen, is taken tonight from the pages of "Dope, Incorporated". That's "Dope, Incorporated", researched and compiled by the editors of the "Executive Intelligence Review", research done by the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence and the Intelligence Service.

Today, more than ever, the Anti-Defamation League, as an organization, represents a major agent provocateur factor within the United States, fomenting racial and ethnic tensions, all the while claiming to be the great defenders of civil rights.

Freedom of Information Act records show that the ADL played a major role in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's co/intell/pro racial matters' and white hate groups' operations targeting the civil rights movement as well as its opponents.

Among the paid informants used by the ADL during the civil rights struggles of the 1960s were Ku Klux Klan members implicated in the murders of three civil rights workers in the State of Mississippi.

A February 13th, 1970 article in the "Los Angeles Times" by investigative reporter Jack Nelson first revealed FBI and ADL joint patronage of the Roberts brothers in the June 30th, 1968 murder of a Klanswoman named Kathy Ainsworth at the time of the shoot-out in front of the Meridian, Mississippi home of ADL official Meyer Davidson, which resulted in the death of Ainsworth, and the near-death of her associate, Thomas A. Terrance III, who survived over 70 shotgun, rifle, and pistol wounds--miraculously.

Alton Wayne Roberts and six other Klansmen had already been convicted for federal civil rights violations in connection with their infamous murder of civil rights workers Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner, in Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1964.

Roberts' case, ladies and gentlemen, was under appeal when, according to various newspaper accounts and local police reports, the brothers were approached by Adolf Sam Botnick, who is still the ADL's Regional Director in New Orleans, with the proposition that they would be paid $69,000 to act as agents provocateurs in setting up a Klan bombing of Anti-Defamation League official Meyer Davidson's home.

In other words, the ADL hired Klansmen to bomb their own official's home.

Botnick had been a close associate of the FBI Division V Counter-Intelligence Chief in New Orleans, the late Guy Bannister, implicated in the John F. Kennedy assassination, in whose home, ladies and gentlemen, was found stone phalluses, who had established the left-wing Fair Play for Cuba group that was part of the milieu of President John F. Kennedy's purported assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Bannister had also been a controller of an agent provocateur network of the Minutemen, which according to one well-informed United States intelligence source, helped break James Earl Ray out of prison so that he could be used as a similar patsy in the April 4th, 1968 murder of Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee, just a few weeks prior to the Meridian, Mississippi shoot-out staged by the Roberts brothers at the behest of the ADL and the FBI.

A police file report dated June 10th, 1968 by Detective Luke Scarborough confirms the "Los Angeles Times" report of the Ainsworth set-up; namely, that there was a three-way deal between the ADL, FBI, and local police in the matter, for which the ADL had provided all of the money. As the apparent result of such Anti-Defamation League/Federal Bureau of Investigation cooperation--much like the Waco massacre--the federal government trod lightly in punishing Alton Wayne Roberts for his part in the murder of Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney, when on March 17th, 1970, he was sentenced to only ten years and was paroled in only three.

The Roberts brothers were reportedly later given the status of federally protected witnesses and remain on the FBI and ADL's informant roster to this day.

As for the ADL officials, Sam Botnick still runs the New Orleans Regional Office. And his then assistant, Richard Loebenthal, took over ADL operations in Detroit. Loebenthal was later caught funding local members of the Communist Labor Party, a violent, Mao-ist group, infiltrated into local auto plants.

Justin J. Finger, who ran the ADL's Atlanta-based Southern Legal Department during the heyday of civil rights activities and Klan murders, is now Associate National Director of the Anti-Defamation League.

The ADL dirty tricks, in collusion with the FBI, were later run against segments of the anti-war movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Freedom of Information Act documents released by the FBI, CF 100-530-X, from the Special Agent in Charge, Los Angeles, to FBI Director Hoover on the subject entitled "Black Panther Party: Racial Matters" point to ADL/FBI collusion against the Black Panther Party as well. The document in question is an October 22nd, 1968 ADL Report on the Black Panther Party by Karl Gershman and Jerome Bakst, which concludes, and I quote:

"For the present at least, increasingly frequent and increasingly violent encounters can be expected between the Panthers and the police."

End quote. The discovery of this inflammatory report in FBI files corroborates a passage in the recent book entitled "Racial Matters" by Kenneth O'Riley in a chapter, titled "The Only Good Panther", which says, quote:

"Division V tried to disrupt the Panthers by manipulating Rabbi Meyer Kahani and the vigilante-type Jewish Defense League (JDL), leaking information to college administrators and sources in the Anti-Defamation League, and working with newspaper columnists, the FBI compared Panther ideology with the traditional anti-semitism of organizations like the American Nazi Party and the even more traditional anti-semitism of the late Adolf Hitler. And in the case of the JDL, the FBI did not limit itself to the furnishing of factual information because Kahani's group could not be motivated to act unless the information concerning anti-semitism and other matters were furnished with some embellishment."

End quote. The ADL, ladies and gentlemen, has continued its involvement in such co/intell/pro-type operations to this very day. In fact, well-informed United States intelligence sources charge that after the scope of the FBI's criminality in co/intell/pro had been exposed and condemned by the United States Congress, the FBI temporarily shopped-out all such co/intell/pro operations to the Anti-Defamation League, and I'm going to give you two examples of just such cases.

James R. Rosenberg, also known as Jimmy Mitchell, Jimmy Anderson, is a full-time paid agent of Anti-Defamation League Fact-Finding Division. Police reports corroborate statements to the "Executive Intelligence Review" that Rosenberg was the Anti-Defamation League's infiltrator into the Ku Klux Klan chapter in Trenton, New Jersey, who sought to provoke the group into bombing Trenton's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Pay stubs from the ADL to Rosenberg at this time have been recovered.

Like many provocateurs employed by both the ADL and the more overtly violent Jewish Defense League, Rosenberg was given military training in Israel as an Israeli Defense Forces soldier on loan from the U.S. National Guard.

David Koresh spent time in Israel, studied in an Israeli school the Talmud. He was also trained by the Jewish Defense League, or the Jewish Defense Forces, in infantry tactics.

In 1981, a female Jewish Defense League member, using the code name "Rickie", told the "Executive Intelligence Review", quote:

"I met Jimmy in Israel around 1978 when I was at the Kafar Saba kibbutz near the West Bank. He was always bragging about how he worked for the Anti-Defamation League to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. Jimmy got all messed up on Valium. He even had to go for drug treatment and that upset him because he got impotent for about six months. Jimmy really wanted to be in the Israeli military and he made it. He sent me a picture. But he's a job-nick, a paper-pusher. They wouldn't trust him in combat."

End quote. Rosenberg returned from Israel in 1979 to continue his work for Irwin Sewell, who apparently used Jimmy's new military training to have him infiltrate the paramilitary right, which had become a major target of the ADL.

On December 7th, 1981, Rosenberg appeared in his undercover capacity on a WCCO television documentary in Minneapolis, titled "Armies of the Right", where he made the most violent and anti-semitic statements of any of the members of the Christian Patriots Defense League on the show. And he, himself, was an operative of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish arm of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction.

Either by oversight or intent, the producers never identified Rosenberg as an ADL provocateur, even though they knew. They simply identified him as Jimmy Anderson, an official of the Queens, New York chapter of the Christian Defense League. Rosenberg, and another ADL infiltrator provocateur in the group, were later arrested on the roof of a Manhattan brownstone brandishing automatic weapons.

Mordecai Levy, also known as James Guttman, James Frank, Mark Levine, Mark Levy, Mordy, etc. On August 10th, 1989, Mordecai Levy was apprehended by the New York Police Department after he mounted the roof of his 6 Bleeker Street apartment building in Greenwich Village and wounded an innocent passer-by in wild sniper fire. The shooting occurred after Jewish Defense League (JDL) leader, Irv Reuben, tried to deliver a subpoena to Levy. Levy now heads the rival Jewish Defense Organization for a civil libel case.

The arrest, ladies and gentlemen, of the 30-year-old terrorist on the charges of attempted murder, first degree assault, and reckless endangerment, brought to light a new chapter in the pattern of FBI and ADL collusion in domestic terrorism reminiscent of co/intell/pro.

In a July 18th, 1984 court deposition, the Anti-Defamation League's Irwin Sewell admitted that he has met and has had telephone conversations with Levy from time to time for quite some time. Sewell's admissions drastically underplayed Levy's long-standing role as one of the ADL's agents provocateurs. But in an interview with "Village Voice" reporter, Robert Friedman, another ADL Fact-Finding Division official, Gail Gans confirmed Levy's status as an ADL operator.

Levy was, in fact, a shared asset of the ADL, the FBI, and many other police agencies. Two of Levy's FBI controllers are known to be FBI Special Agents Joseph Valleket and Paul Locke, both of the New York Field Office.

Freedom of Information Act documents show that the New York Field Office had an official liaison with the ADL's national headquarters since, at the very least, the 1960s.

In February 1979, Levy was caught attempting to provoke a major riot in Philadelphia.

And now, folks, back to the ugly, stinking, rotten, putrid truth of the ADL--something, many things, that most of you have never dreamed possible in your wildest imagination.

In February 1979, Mordecai Levy, also known as James Guttman, James Frank, Mark Levine, Mark Levy, Mordy, etc., was caught attempting to provoke a major riot in Philadelphia. Using the pseudonym, James Guttman, Levy obtained a rally permit for a Neo-Nazi rally--a Neo-Nazi rally--at which he planned to display banners reading, quote:

"Hitler was Right! Gas the Commie Jews!"

End quote. Working out of the Philadelphia offices of the JDL, Levy, under his phony, Neo-Nazi cover, was in the process of contacting all of the local Ku Klux Klan and Nazi groups to draw them into the event.

Simultaneously, he was working with local left-wing and Jewish groups and black churches to organize a counter-demonstration. When some local reporters learned of Levy's scheme and informed the National Park Service, the rally permit was canceled.

Local press headlines exposed the plot with headlines such as in the "Journal". Quote:

"Jew Applied For The Permit For Nazi Rally"

End quote. And the "Philadelphia Bulletin", quote:

"Nazi Rally Rouser Really Jewish"

End quote. At the same time, the Anti-Defamation League ordered Levy to conduct a harassment campaign against associates of Lyndon LaRouche which involved scores of death threats phoned into the offices of Campaigner Publications in New York City.

By Levy's own admission, that effort culminated in an attempted JDL armed assault against Lyndon LaRouche's Riverdale, New York apartment, and a menacing demonstration of JDL-ers and YIPpies (which is the Youth International Party) in front of the Campaigner offices.

The ADL's direct use of Levy in criminal activities came to light in an affidavit, submitted in October 1984, during LaRouche's civil libel suit against the National Broadcasting Corporation and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith in the United States District Court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Levy admitted to a California LaRouche associate that he had been ordered by the ADL to launch a telephone harassment campaign against the Alexandria jurors, which would be blamed on followers of LaRouche. The Anti-Defamation League, according to the affidavit, provided Levy with the names and addresses of the jurors.

FBI Special Agent Richard Wade, of the Alexandria Field Office, was ordered by Federal Judge James Cachieras, to investigate the Levy jury tampering evidence, but the investigation was quashed.

On November 20th, 1984, Levy fired a .45 caliber bullet into the Los Angeles house of a LaRouche associate who was investigating this jury tampering incident.

In 1985, Levy also emerged as a suspected accomplice in several of the most significant domestic terrorist acts in years.

On August 15th, 1985, Sharim Subzukov, a leader of the Sircasian Muslim Community in Patterson, New Jersey, was the target of a bombing of his home which caused his death on September 7th.

Just days before the explosion, Mordecai Levy had been in Patterson publicly attacking Subzukov in a local synagogue with the very same charges by which the United States Justice Department's official Office of Special Investigations had unsuccessfully tried to prove Subzukov was a Nazi war criminal.

A few days after the bombing, Levy held a press conference in Patterson applauding the attack, but denying responsibility.

One week prior to the bombing, Levy had phoned a death threat to Subzukov's attorney in the OSI case, Michael Dennis, Esq., during which Levy also vowed to kill Subzukov.

On October the 11th, 1985, Alex Oda, the Santa Anna, California head of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, died at precisely 11:21 a.m., after a bomb, rigged to the door of his office, exploded as Oda was reporting for work.

The night before he was assassinated, Oda had been interviewed on two national television shows on the high-jacking of the Aquile Lauro cruise ship, which Oda said had been the work of an anti-Arafat terrorist splinter group from the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Highly reliable sources report that Oda had been the recipient of multiple threats from Mordecai Levy, the JDL, and the JDO.

Although FBI Director, William Webster, a long-time friend of the Anti-Defamation League, was obliged to publicly identify the Jewish Underground as the most active terrorist organization in the United States during 1985, no arrests were ever made in either the Subzukov or Oda cases.

Now, let me say that once again, just in case it didn't sink in.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, William Webster, who was a long-time friend of the Anti-Defamation League, was forced to publicly identify the Jewish Underground as the most active terrorist organization in the United States during 1985.

Sources close to the late Alex Oda were candidly told by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that there would be no arrests because of the killer's links to Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad. The sources were also told that Levy would not be prosecuted despite evidence of his complicity before the fact, because he was to be used by the government as a witness in upcoming federal trials of Lyndon LaRouche.

Top officials of the Anti-Defamation League are suspected accessories in a number of major international political assassinations, including the murders of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palm, and Indian Prime Minister Indiri Gandhi.

While no evidence is known to exist linking the ADL to the actual executions, very strong evidence does exist in all three cases implicating top Anti-Defamation League officials in the preparation or the cover-up of those crimes.

In the case of the assassination of Indira Gandhi on October the 31st, 1984, eye-witness accounts of a court room encounter with Anti-Defamation League officials Irwin Sewell and Barbara Wahl just hours after Mrs. Gandhi was murdered by a Sikh fanatic who was a member of her own security detail, report that the two were visibly elated over her assassination.

The key link between the Anti-Defamation League and the Sikh extremist who murdered Prime Minister Gandhi runs through Rabbi Rosenthal, a senior ADL employee, and head of the League's Latin American Affairs Division, who is directly linked to the man who ordered the assassination, Dr. Jagzhet Sing Chouhan. It also runs through Rosenthal's long-time intimate political collaborator and sometimes business partner, John Speller.

Speller, ladies and gentlemen, is widely believed to be a high-level intelligence agent for British Intelligence and Scottish Rite Freemasonic networks associated with Lord Nicholas Bethel and Julian Amory, although he also had documented links to Israeli, Soviet, and American intelligence services.

One year before Mrs. Gandhi's assassination, Speller sponsored a United States visit by Jagzhet Sing Chouhan, which included meetings with conservative members of the United States Senate. It was partly on the basis of that American tour that Soviet news agencies blamed the Reagan administration for the Gandhi assassination, even though then Defense Secretary Casper Weinburger was in the process of deepening United States/ Indian military cooperation which was threatening Soviet influence in the subcontinent.

After Mrs. Gandhi's death, Rabbi Rosenthal and Speller, operating through a front company they had jointly established called Transglobal Resources, arranged a series of secret meetings in Washington, London, and Quito, Ecuador, which resulted in the Ecuadorian government offering Chouhan a large tract of land on which to establish a Khalestani home.

As the ADL's full-time director of Latin American Affairs, Rosenthal had utilized the agency's channels inside Ecuador to help establish a safe haven for Sikh extremists, some of whom had recently blown up an Air Canada flight and had plotted the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi's son and successor, Rajiv Gandhi, during a state visit to Washington in December 1984.

The Sikh extremists have never tried to hide their intention of eliminating Mrs. Gandhi. Jagzhet Sing Chouhan, the President-in-exile of the non-existent separatist state of Khalestan, issued his widely-publicized call for Mrs. Gandhi's assassination on June 9th, 1984, three days after Indian Army troops had stormed the Golden Temple in Amritzar and liberated it from the hands of armed Sikh radicals linked to Chouhan.

Less than one week before Mrs. Gandhi's murder, Chouhan had told a caller into his Reading, England headquarters, quote:

"Some man will come forward and take off the head of Mrs. Gandhi."

End quote. Chouhan's call led immediately to the formation of the terrorist World Sikh Organization. Representatives of the World Sikh Organization were soon meeting with officials of the Anti-Defamation League's Interfaith Affairs Department, according to Rabbi Leon Klinicki, the Department's Director.

The meeting had been set up at the request of Landrum Bolling, the Chairman of the Eli Lily Endowment, which heavily funds the League's Interfaith unit.

Surjiet Sing, a top official of the World Sikh organization, who has been intimately linked to Chouhan since 1947, is also a close, personal friend of Anti-Defamation League Honorary National Chairman Kenneth Bailken.

We will continue with this next week, ladies and gentlemen. And I don't know how much of it will be live. And you may hear some reruns next week because I have to go on a trip.

But if your eyes are beginning to be opened, if you're beginning to have an inkling of understanding of the lies and the deception and the way that all of us have been manipulated--Orientals, Jews, Blacks, American Indians, Caucasians, different religious organizations, churches, congregations, and yes, folks, even nations--listen to everyone. Read everything that you can lay your hands on. But if you are really intelligent, if you want to be a real people and not a sheeple, you will never believe any of it, not one single word, including what you read hear, unless you, yourself, can validate it with facts in your own investigations.
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