Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Dangerous History Podcast - Ep. 0056: Fun with Fascism!


Ep. 0056: Fun with Fascism!

This is not a historical narrative of any particular fascist regime or regimes.  Instead, it’s an exploration of what fascism — arguably the most slippery of modern “isms” to define — really is.
Join Prof CJ as he discusses:
  •  Some quotes from the father of Fascism, Benito Mussolini, to get things started
  • Why fascism is tougher to nail down than other isms
  • What fascism is and isn’t, including some criticism of the standard “Left-to-Right” political spectrum
  • A look at some of the defining elements of fascism, using John T. Flynn’s As We Go Marching (1944) as a starting point
  • An excerpt from the Nazi Party’s platform dealing with their economic planks, and possible American parallels
  • A few words on fascism post-World War II
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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Dangerous History Podcast - Ep. 0067: The New Counterculture?


Ep. 0067: The New Counterculture?

Is there a New Counterculture movement?  If so, what is it?  Can we define it, or at least describe it?  Might you be a part of it, even if in a small way, even if you don’t realize it?
Join Prof CJ as he discusses:
  • Why cultural, artistic, and/or intellectual movements are often hard to identify without hindsight (either after they’ve fizzled out entirely, or at least jumped the shark)
  • What the Old Counterculture was, and its problems
  • Defining what the New Counterculture is (as CJ sees it) by describing a nonexistent, archetypal New Counterculturalist individual in terms of his or her age, religiosity, career, political views, lifestyle, etc.
  • CJ’s take on the degree to which he himself (at least somewhat) fits the mold
  • Reasons why the New Counterculture has more potential to achieve lasting, positive change
(image Revolt Submit Switch Stock Photo courtesy Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net)
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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Dangerous History Podcast - Ep. 0103: Listener Emails #5


Finally back (and recovered!) from the trip to Ireland, so the DHP returns with a listener emails episode.
Join CJ as he discusses:
  • A few words about his recent trip to Ireland
  • Thoughts on Islam
  • SJW’s vs. the Alt. Right
  • Parallels between the present-day US and Weimar Republic Germany
  • The tendency of elites to want to deprive the lower orders of comfort and luxury items, even in cases where doing so will bring them (the elites) no real material gain
  • Potential windows of opportunity for anti-interventionists to have changed Team America’s foreign policy path in the early- and mid-twentieth century
  • The Austrian school of economics & money
Thanks to listeners Skip, Dicon, Jeff, Brett, and Justin for the questions!
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Thunderdome II - Back From Hell! - Judgement Day (1993)

TRACKLIST CD 1 01 Dj Dano - Something Bigger (Here We Go Again Remix) 00:00 02 Terra W.A.N. - Caramba (Speed Version) 03:56 03 4-Nu-Tek - Caotic 07:46 04 Citrus - Fascination 12:27 05 Neophyte - Recession 17:20 06 Search & Destroy P.E.-E.P. - What Kind Of Madness 20:46 07 Blast E.P. - Verrotted 25:24 08 Techno G. Featuring Monier - Music Pumpin´ (Live Version) 28:39 09 T.N.T - Brain Wash Killer (Killermix) 33:19 10 Dj Nation - Pump It (Straight Mix) 37:52 11 25Th Frame - Percolator 41:11 12 Teschnozabel - Was Is´n Teschno 45:14 13 Leroy - Are You Down 48:13 14 Das Duell - Strange Invaders (Remix) 52:49 15 Mike Ink & The Chain Of Brotherhood - Lovely Ugly Brutal World 57:44 16 Fuckmasters - Lick My Ass 01:02:45 17 C-Tank - Biolunch 01:07:26 18 Sorcerer - The Silence 01:11:31 19 Lt. D´amato - Sounds Of Frustration 1:13:43
01 Dj Rob - Boy´s Interface 00:00
02 Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Dj Fuck 04:22
03 The Prophet - Dominatin´ (Re-Remix) 08:07
04 SP 23 (Rabbit City 011) - Network 23 12:08
05 Strange Food - Junkfood (Motherfucker) 17:11
06 The Super Human Crew - Energy (Back Up II) 22:29
07 Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - I Am The Master 26:54
08 Fazer 3rd Cut - When I´m Gone 30:55
09 S.v.e.n. II - Cranium Accelleration 35:44
10 Aspiryna 03 - Bidibodibu (Materasso Version) 39:28
11 Michael White Line - Cocaine (Hardcore Club Mix) 42:29
12 Sigma 909 - Blow Your Mind 47:34
13 XTC - Rotterdam Mix 51:57
14 B.B. Bell - Party People 56:42
15 Critical Mass - Servere Trauma 1:00:18
16 Undercover Anarchist - Kingdom 1:04:29
17 Musical Vandals - Hakke (Remix) 1:08:44
18 The Prophet - The Techno God (The Hell Remix) 1:13:11

Thunderdome I: F*ck Mellow, This Is Hardcore From Hell (1993)

01 - (DjHooligan) b.o.t.t.r.o.p.
02 - (Ramirez) terapia
03 - (HardAttack) bonehead
04 - (Interactive) amok
05 - (Scarface) i'll take you all to fuckin' hell
06 - (Rexanthony) for you marlene
07 - (TheSpeedFreak) sonic-mine ep
08 - (Asylum) mescalum
09 - (FinalAnalyzis) el punto final
10 - (MokaDj) hei, dieghito
11 - (EnglishMuffin) the blood of an english muffin
12 - (X-Buzz) overload
13 - (Vitamin) cosmic trash
14 - (Terragon) party
15 - (ChosenFew) freedom
16 - (BaldTerror) hardcore
17 - (TheTeknoClan) ad. nauseum (phase 1 the warning)
18 - (ControlDC) ritmo dell diavolo (inferno mute mix)
19 - (Gizmo,BuzzFuzz,TheProphet,Dano) thunderdome
20 - (Gizmo) out of order
21 - (Gizmo) tested
22 - (Gizmo) kristalized
23 - (BuzzFuzz) vienna bass
24 - (BuzzFuzz) nasty man
25 - (BuzzFuzz) boomerang (koala mix)
26 - (TheProphet) dominatin
27 - (TheProphet) god
28 - (TheProphet) feel it
29 - (Dano) flying fromplace to place 
30 - (Dano) best in the west (john wayne mix)
31 - (Dano) this is master control i love it

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Evigt Mörker - Högre (2013)

Eastern Border - Episode 10 – Chernobyl


Episode 10 – Chernobyl

Greetings, Comrades!
We’ve had a rough February – and we didn’t manage to fix all of our errors in the previous podcasts, but…here we are nonetheless. This show was one of the hardest ever to make, and I really hope you’ll not only enjoy it, but will also take some time to understand the depth of the tragedy. Today’s picture is – Pripyat. Empty, irradiated and ghastly, it stands there to remind us of the evils of ignorance.
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Eastern Border - Episode 5 – The Afghanistan War


Episode 5 – The Afghanistan War

Greetings again, comrades!
Sorry for being so late with this episode, but as you’ll hear in it, I’ve run into some issues with my life. Some of you wrote me e-mails asking me, if I’ll be making any new episodes – and yes, I will. This is Eastern Border, we love it here, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Huge “thank you” to everyone who donates, writes comments, sends e-mails or just listens to our show. You’re all awesome.
Now, about this episode a bit: this one is a more serious, more emotional episode than usual. It was also a bit harder for me to make, due to having to do some quote translations on the fly, as I would have taken an eternity more, if I’d scripted everything – so, I apologize for some parts of the show, that might sound a bit worse than you would expect. Otherwise, I’m actually really happy about how this turned out, especially considering my situation – so I hope you’ll enjoy it.
The picture, for this time, is one of the infamous Zinc coffins – in which the soldiers were sent home during the Afghanistan war.
Zinc Coffins
Also, don’t forget to check out this episodes podcast recommendation – the Historical Intentions podcast, by Joseph Newton!
Edit: Also, for those who like the accent – I don’t really notice it, that’s just how I speak in English. I imagine it sounds a bit weird for you. 🙂