Friday, December 23, 2016

The Dangerous History Podcast - Ep. 0103: Listener Emails #5

Finally back (and recovered!) from the trip to Ireland, so the DHP returns with a listener emails episode.
Join CJ as he discusses:
  • A few words about his recent trip to Ireland
  • Thoughts on Islam
  • SJW’s vs. the Alt. Right
  • Parallels between the present-day US and Weimar Republic Germany
  • The tendency of elites to want to deprive the lower orders of comfort and luxury items, even in cases where doing so will bring them (the elites) no real material gain
  • Potential windows of opportunity for anti-interventionists to have changed Team America’s foreign policy path in the early- and mid-twentieth century
  • The Austrian school of economics & money
Thanks to listeners Skip, Dicon, Jeff, Brett, and Justin for the questions!
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