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been cooking awile on different sites. this is the newest attempt to gain publicity to the treasonous way that finland was tricked into eu and crimes done after that..

here i have google translate version for your ease!!
(BOLD text between parentheses are my my guesses what the word could be.)------>>>>>>

I have for some time been of the opinion that the Parliament and the Government, the majority of virkamiesjohdostamme(CIVIL SERVANT BOSSES) and the party is guilty of treason. In fact, there is no doubt about it. When Finland joined the European Union in 1995 and the national sovereignty was abandoned, it was unconstitutional. The Constitution was amended in 2007, when there were infiltrating the piece, in which Finland was found to be in the European Union Member State.

We were therefore maanpetoksellisesti(TREASONOUSLY), infringement of the Constitution of the European Union member in 1995-2007. Who believes that no one valtiojohdossamme(OF OUR NATION STATES LEADERS) not have been aware of this? Who believes that no official, politician or equivalent unaware of violation of the Constitution? If fact, there was no problem in terms of the law, why the law was amended in 2007 in this regard? Well, that's why, because someone realized that it was unconstitutional behavior, that is, specifically, the Finnish crime.

The Parliament, governments and leading our officials are also after the crimes have continued to churn. These crimes are only be of a scale to the size that they are not perceived as a criminal offense. They are made in a transparent manner all the people, when few people realize that this is violated by the law.

A great example of our leaders and high-ranking officials from making the offense is the so-called NATO-Host Agreement. I have made a written investigation warrant before its signature Security Police, which investigates crimes of treason. Someone can do now is a new example of Justice for investigation. Also, the Parliamentary Foreign Policy in my view, committed the same crime of treason accepting the case.

What says the law? The law says the following:

Finnish sovereignty hazard

Of the Penal Code, Chapter 12, paragraph 1, "the fact that, with the aim of using violence or the threat of a foreign state, or military or economic pressure or support

1. Finland may or part of the Finnish foreign power under

2. remove the part from the rest of the kingdom of Finnish or

3. The severity of these other comparable manner to limit the Finnish State Sovereignty

commits an act which causes said the purpose of the realization of the danger, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for endangering the sovereignty of Finland for at least one and not more than ten years. "

Of the Penal Code, Chapter 12 Section 1 covers I also think that the whole European Union membership. It is my view that our laws against. That is, it is a crime against the law of our country. But that's not all:

Of the Penal Code 12.luvun 10.pykälän(10. ARTICLE?), "the fact that violates the Finnish attitude towards the belligerent foreign countries given puoleettomuusmääräyksiä(NEUTRALITY ORDERS/NEUTRALITY LAW?) be sentenced impartiality of the provisions of fine or imprisonment not exceeding one year."

Finnish attitudes to war-torn foreign countries have rules governing the impartiality of the provisions of the Regulation (194/1963). Resident in Finland or otherwise a person residing in Finland may not contribute to the fact that these provisions are violated. This also applies to the European Union mission and its staff, as well as the US embassy and its staff, just as in Russia as an embassy and its staff.

Neutrality Regulations prohibit the Finnish territory, the exploitation of the war. In accordance with the legislative history of the Act (HE 94/93 superscript 2), for example, is punishable by a warship or submarine unauthorized coming Finnish territorial waters, the ship's delay in Finnish territorial waters for longer than is permitted or ship military equipment to increase the territory of Finland. Also, Finland, for example the use of military operations or intelligence support area or military buildup is a punishable offense. ACCORDINGLY, such measures must be punished ALLOW THE NEUTRALITY breach of the rules.

The latter also includes the so-called "military exercises" of the authorization and organization of our region. The fact that last summer NATO military exercise after roads shaved NATO armored units to mm. Kangasniemi was therefore a crime. To allow the offense. Is not it exciting, that no party intervened in any way?

President Sauli Niinistö is a lawyer. It is hard to believe that he knows of the Criminal Code in this regard, or that he knows of neutrality laws and regulations. NATO Host Agreement violates all of these. I understand that Niinistö was the site of Defense Haglund with when the contract was signed. One can, of course, ask the question why the president of our country, our state's highest-ranking elected official, NOT to monitor compliance with the law we do not even maanpetoksellisen(TREASONOUS) activities?

Agreement was signed by Chief of Defence. He does not have his office on behalf of, or otherwise, any legal rights to make such agreements. He is not a legal representative of the State of Finland, as opposed to the spot were the President or Secretary of Defense. Why they did not sign the agreement? Did they know it was a crime against the laws? Did the Chief of Defence doing the crime? I do not think that comprised the state, or if included, fell to the President and the Minister of Defence on behalf of his sword.

I'm not a lawyer, and I do not judge, but in my view, this is a crime of treason. Similarly, it is a secret NATO preparation, which is the state of our management and our officials johtajavat(LEAD/ARE IN CHARGE) MP Herb Aho, are in the process.

If this is the case, is it not remarkable that none of the police, law enforcement officer, the Attorney General or the Ministry of Justice official, or any other party do anything about it? Or is it one of the decision that Finnish laws no longer apply in this country in this respect either?

This is now not the case for speeding or theft of a piece of cake, not even a bank robbery. This is about our laws against maanpetoksellisesta(TREASONOUS) activities treason offense.

If I am wrong, which is of course possible when I am just a layman in terms of the law, one could justify how the Host Agreement or EU-membership do not violate the Criminal Code 12.luvun Articles 1 and 10? Such reasoning would be fun to hear and valaisisivat contribute to how such a layman in the eyes of treasonable activities are justified and covered up with an explanation.

It is also interesting that the issue of interest to a single supplier, the newspaper, the news media or current affairs program. You would think that the Finnish treasonable action would be even a little piece of news somewhere in the country.
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