Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kätkäläinen (1980)

Happened in Kätkävaara
Pietu Aholainen is a smallholder living with his wife Iitamaria in a small village called Kätkävaara.From the skies arrives a poisoner and the villagers are against him.There's also a danger Pietu gets loads of money, since he has just bought a piece of land from his neighbor Hurskainen.There on Ryppysuo lies lots of Cloudberries that would make him rich.Kätkäläinen (1980) is a TV movie directed by Markku Onttonen.It's based on the novel of Simo Hämäläinen.I can't picture anybody else than Martti Kainulainen to play the character Kätkäläinen.He really looks like him.Martti won a Jussi award from his performance.Maija-Liisa Majanlahti is terrific as his wife.Maritta Viitamäki does great work as their daughter Kaisa.Mikko Nousiainen is fantastic as Aimo Hurskainen.Same thing with Raili Tiensuu, who plays his wife Alma.And so is Virve Kauste as their daughter Leena.Martti Räsänen is very good as Kolehmainen.Mauri Nevonmaa is great as Lentäjä.Veikko Tiitinen is great as Kolehmainen.Veikko Manninen is very fine as Kauppias.The movie has lots of stuff to make you laugh.It makes you laugh when he is at an inspection with his old wreck car.It's hilarious when he makes an arithmetical operation on a road and he miscalculates it and gets three millions.He tries to figure out how much he would get from the berries.Or when he is in his forest picking Cloudberries and he uses bombs to keep other people away.I saw the movie recently on DVD with my family.I have seen it before, but it was way back in the 90's.It's always fun to watch this movie.You never get bored with Kätkäläinen.

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