Friday, October 16, 2015

The #1 way to know if you’re sure about yourself
Especially in the Internet age when “everything” ends up being online and people – for a reason still beyond my comprehension – choose to share some of their most intimate and embarrassing moments to everyone, there is an ultimate test to make sure if you really stand for what you’re about to do.

In the old world, people used to say that when you get a tattoo of X, then your commitment to it is on the level needed fighting for it.

But fighting is irrelevant in the new world. Fighting doesn’t matter because online, you loose. There’s no contest. And that goes both ways; you’ll loose if people just choose not to share and you will loose if they just choose to share.
Ask any entertainment industry company.

So…whatever it is you choose to say or do as a representation of your set of values, there’s an ultimate question that can be used to determine how ready you actually are.

Want to learn it? Are you sure? Ready?

“How many people will see this?”

That’s the question.

You know what the correct answer is?

Are you sure you want to learn this? You can’t unlearn it. Ready?

“I don’t care”

That’s the correct answer.

The ultimate test for the Internet era about how confident are you doing something that can be recorded and possibly (likely) to end up online at some point is this; do you care how many people will see it?
Have a great day and please, share confidently.

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