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Oingo Boingo - Good For Your Soul (1983)

Good for Your Soul is the third album by Oingo Boingo, released in 1983. It was the band's last album to be released on A&M Records. It was produced by Robert Margouleff. The record continues the unorthodox arrangements that the band had become known for, while moving in a softer direction than their previous work.


Frontman Danny Elfman had become tired of fans' and critics' expectations that he consistently write high energy, fast-paced songs, as well as his frequent use of falsetto in his singing, and therefore decided to bring a new level of diversity to the songwriting of the album. The songs "Fill the Void" and "Nothing Bad Ever Happens" are particularly significant for showcasing the band's African and ska influences and well as Elfman's change in vocal style. The subject matter of the lyrics is also darker in Good For Your Soul than on previous releases, such as themes of the supernatural in "Dead or Alive" and the warped love ballad "Pictures of You".[2]
Several pieces were recorded as demos but omitted from the final track listing and remain officially unreleased, including "All the Pieces," "Waiting for You," "I Can't Pretend" and "Freak Show." One outtake, "Lightning," was resurrected for Danny Elfman's So-Lo. The song "Lost Like This" was also written and recorded during these sessions, but did not surface until many years later on the 1994 album Boingo with a new orchestral arrangement. The brief instrumental track "Cry of the Vatos," named after drummer Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez, contains a back-masked message jokingly promoting Christianity to its listeners.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Danny Elfman. 
1."Who Do You Want to Be"  3:31
2."Good for Your Soul"  3:16
3."No Spill Blood"  3:42
4."Cry of the Vatos"  2:21
5."Fill the Void"  3:42
6."Sweat"  4:31
7."Nothing Bad Ever Happens"  3:45
8."Wake Up (It's 1984)"  4:44
9."Dead or Alive"  4:04
10."Pictures of You"  4:03
11."Little Guns"  3:42
Total length:

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