Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[SEGA Genesis Music] Sub-Terrania - Full Original Soundtrack OST

*** Full soundtrack recorded from real Genesis hardware--click 'show more' for track listing and notes ***

00:00 Start Sequence (Introduction)
02:56 Carousel (Title Theme)
17:18 Funky Writer (Mission Report)
28:30 (Stage Start)
28:42 Crystal Space (Level I)
36:57 Sublevel (Level II)
45:46 Crystal Space II (Level III)
53:04 Enemy Mines (Level IV)
1:00:43 Enemy Mines II (Level V)
1:07:21 Sublevel II (Level VI)
1:13:22 Power Flower (Level VII)
1:21:29 Power Flower II (Level VIII)
1:26:15 Underwater (Level IX)
1:34:01 Last Level (Final Monster)
1:38:59 Complete (End Sequence)
1:45:46 Heroes Theme (High Score)
1:50:50 (Game Over)

Composed by Jesper Kyd

NOTES: All the tracks are looped twice, resulting in a nearly 2 hour long video. I probably didn't really need to do this. At least the music is atmospheric and good to put on in the background.

I just replaced the old voltage regulators in the Genesis as part of a general ongoing re-conditioning of the machine (I have replaced other components previously). I honestly didn't expect this to have any impact on the sound, but oddly enough according to my metering in Audacity the noise floor sank about 5dB to -86dB consistently. This is likely not audible at all especially after the audio compression, but I found it interesting.

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