Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics #Paris

  1. nosoapradio says:
    I think that COP21 conference hoopla may create the perfect pretext for literally “outlawing climate skepticism”. 
    Indeed, this would seem crucial to silence the François Gervais, Henrik Svensmarks and Vincent Courtillots of the world and “stampede” the populations into the smart paradigm otherwise known as technocracy (or the NWO). Stigmatization, media censorship, selective funding and self-censorship may not be working out as planned.
    Already, COP21 protesters (obviously comprised of climate skeptics, n’est-ce pas?) are being assimilated and associated with so-called islamic terrorists;
    “…The attack comes as France has heightened security measures ahead of a major global climate conference that starts in two weeks, out of fear of violent protests and potential terrorist attacks…”
    Polls may show that climate change is number 5 or 6 on French people’s preoccupation list but the fact is that it’s impossible to question man-made climate change in France and be taken seriously. Neither by young nor old.
    Incidentally, Agenda 21 has sprouted up like crabgrass (as it was programmed to do) in every department, large or small, in France as well and may well be usurping unwitting and well-intentioned people’s time, budgets and energies.
    Finally, I feel a little like Stanley Motts of Wag the Dog fame as I’ve read over and over again Patrick Wood’s hand written dedication on the Technocracy Rising book I ordered and received.
    Some time I’ll get around to reading the cover…
  2. setatliberty says:
    This podcast could not have been more timely. I see God’s hand upon your work James; In that you recorded this the day before the Paris attacks which have brought the nation of France into a state of martial law. How great an “opportunity” to prevent large protests, eh?
    • doublek321 says:
      Thank you for posting that as I was going to ask “any chance the Paris thing is a false flag related to the climate summit?”
  3. Fosca says:
    Hi James,
    Sorry to say but this episode made me angry to a big extend. :-( Let me explain why.
    At around 12:00 Patrick explains that a first grader can understand how the earth works with regards to CO2 and that we are facing plans to reduce all CO2 down to zero, which is sterilizing the world. This is simply nonsense! If at all man made emmission of CO2 shall be reduced to zero which would lead to a situation similar to maybe only a couple of thousand years ago before mankind started burning coal.
    Instead Patrick makes up a story that burning coal, oil and gas is the best to continue for the coming centuries.
    IMHO this is maximum dillusion that I only have heard from neocons before! Not only Patrck explains the 1st grader story, but also openly admits he does not understand anything on the global taxation problems. Only concludes taxes are bad.
    What makes me angry finally is not the fact it is rubbish what is conveyed. But this stuff jeopardizes the real story. Like the use of the CO2 story to gain world wide control. Certainly not an episode I can ever recommend without fearing people think I am completely nuts.
    I know you made better shows than this and I am sure there will be more great stuff coming!:-)

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