Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sunbeam - Outside World (bondango's Original mix) 1994

I wanna give a special shout-out to my buddy Tonez who fucking loved this song. He introduced me to it in around 1997. This was our meth song. We were living in a house in Brisbane at the time. We'd set everything up and then I'd put this song on and we'd both have a blast and just as it was coming on strong we'd step outside the french doors into the warm night air and let the music take over and lift us up and we'd jump up and down on the spot and scream "YEAH !" and laugh and grin. Tonez died in 2015 and when I played a set on my balcony in tribute to him this was one of the songs I played. I always listen to this song to remind me of him and those great times we had. To my good buddy and companion through good times and bad. Wish you were still here bro. Peace. - Dave

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