Sunday, June 21, 2015

Virt - FX 4

Virt's 'FX 4' album in its entirety. It's finally here, the successor (which is actually a prequel) to the acclaimed 'FX 3', and it's awesome. Excerpted from Virt's Bandcamp page: "Unlike the previous albums, which were written as "soundalikes" using sampled chip sounds, FX4 consists of machine code that can run on a real NES system. It was written in Famitracker(, available for free at" What more convincing do you need? CHEQ IT OWT.

1. HBO Feature Presentation
2. Incident Zero
3. Below the Waves
4. Journey Into the Rift
5. Weapon
6. Reconstruct
7. First Flight
8. Singularity
9. The Time Vampire
10. Undone

This album can be downloaded at a sliding scale (even for free) at:

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