Thursday, May 4, 2017

MTV vidcheck (August 10, 1985)

Taken from a five hour block of programming with J.J. Jackson your VJ. Also note that this contained a timer, so you can see how long some of the songs are. You'll also notice during some of the commercials some skipping due to some repeated spots. Still, enjoy a sampling of what an entire Saturday Evening had to offer!

1. Huey Lewis and The News- The Power Of Love
2. MTV Top 20 Video Countdown closing with Mark Goodman
3. MTV Video Countdown sponsorship bumpers: Dodge/Doritos/H.I.S. Chic Jeans
4. Commercials: a. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure movie trailer b. Cover Girl featuring Kelly Emberg c. Noxzema d. Musicland e. Franklin Crunch 'n Much
5. MTV: Your favorite video music
6. Dead Or Alive- You Spin Me Round
7. VJ commentary 
8. Commercial: Dick Clark Rock, Roll & Remember
9. MTV: The greatest indoor sport
10. World Sitizenz- Lock It Up
11. Suzanne Luka- Marlena On The Wall
12. MTV Bottom of the Hour bumper
13. Bruce Springsteen- I'm On Fire
14. Robert Plant- Pink and Black
15. Michael Jackson- Beat It
16. VJ commentary
17. Commercials: a. Starburst b. Levi's 501Jeans c. Back to the Future trailer
18. MTV Music News: Midnight Oil
19. John Fogerty- The Old Man Down The Road
20. Tina Turner- We Don't Need Another Hero
21. VJ commentary with Saturday Special plug
22. Commercials: a. Crystal Light b. Bubble Yum c. Weird Science trailer d. Vagisil
23. Cock Robin- When Your Heart Is Weak
24. MTV Top of the Hour bumper
25. The Cars- Shake It Up
26. Ratt- Lay It Down
27. Music news: Bruce Springsteen in Boston cancelled, Quiet Riot
28. Commercials: a. New Coke b. Sears c. (Same as #4a) d. Agree shampoo
29. MTV: 24 hours a day
30. Philip Bailey & Phil Collins- Easy Lover
31. Julian Lennon- Jesse
32. VJ commentary with The Basement Tapes plug
33. Commercials: a. Alfonso Riberiro for Rap Attack and Breakin' Rappin by Telmak b. People For the American Way
34. MTV "Goldfish" bumper
35. Dire Straits- Money For Nothing
36. Midnight Oil- Best Of Both Worlds
37. MTV Bottom of the Hour bumper
38. Bananrama- Cruel Summer
39. Billy Joel- You're Only Human (Second Wind)
40. VJ commentary
41. Commercials: a. Clearasil b. Year of the Dragon trailer c. Ratt's Invasion of Our Privacy at Record Bar
42. Katrina and the Waves/Nik Kershaw/The Basement Tapes promos
43. Night Ranger- When Your Close Your Eyes
44. King- Love & Pride
45. MTV "Mailman, Mongrel, Mom" bumper
46. Commercials: a. Noxzema b. Britannia c. Summer Rental trailer d. California Cooler
47. MTV Sneak Preview Videos
48. The Minutemen- This Ain't No Picnic
49. John Parr- St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
50. MTV Top of the Hour bumper
51. REO Speedwagon- Live Every Moment
52. Pat Benatar- We Belong
53. Music news: Bruce Springsteen/Steve Stevens/Alice Cooper/ABC/Heart tour dates
54. Commercials: a. Another Pee-Wee's Big Adventure trailer b. The Gap c. Mead d. Pringles
55. Enjoy MTV Discreetly.
56. Cheap Trick- Tonight It's You
57. Huey Lewis and the News- The Power of Love
58. Commercials: a. Elvis 50 Years, 50 Hits b. American Lung Association
59. MTV Pool Party bumper
60. Talking Heads- Road To Nowhere
61. MTV Bottom of the Hour bumper
62. Blotto- I Wanna Be A Life Guard
63. Tears For Fears- Shout (the current #1 song)
64. Commercials: a. Another Starburst b. My Science Project trailer
65. The Young Ones promo
66. Music news: Berlin/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Eurythmics
67. Eurythmics- There Must Be An Angel
68. Golden Earring- Twilight Zone
69. VJ commentary
70. Comercials: a. Coors Light b. Another Agree c. Wrangler
71. MTV Million Dollar Giveaway contest
72. a-Ha- Take On Me
73. MTV Top of the Hour bumper
74. Bruce Sprinsteen- Glory Days
75. Fleetwood Mac- Tusk
76. Music news: Robert Plant/Chicago Ground Sound
77. Commercials: a. Volunteers trailer b. Sharp c. Rialto Rebel motorcycle by Honda d. Another Britannia
78. John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band- C.I.T.Y.
79. John Cougar Mellencamp- Pink Houses
80. VJ commentary with The Young Ones plug
81. MTV Frankie Goes to Hollywood bumper
82. Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart- People Get Ready
83. MTV bottom of the hour bumper
84. Howard Jones- Things Can Only Get Better
85. Wham!- Freedom
86. Commercial: Starburst (not shown, same as before)
87. MTV: Your favorite music
88. Music news: Motley Crue/Bill Wyman
89. The Honeydrippers- Rockin' At Midnight
90. Katrina & The Waves- Do You Want Crying
91. VJ commentary
92. Commercials: a. The Bride trailer b. Emery c. Alberto Mousse d. FDS e. Levi's 501 
93. MTV: Guest VJ promo
94. Paul Young- Everytime You Go Away
95. MTV Top of the Hour bumper
96. Billy Idol- Rebel Yell
97. Rick Springfield- State of the Heart

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